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Andy Choi and Michael Chang of Greystripe: Is the Bamboo Ceiling Coming Down?

Bamboo Ceiling? Not anymore. At least, not for Greystripe cofounders Michael Chang and Andy Choi. Although there have been several stories about the Bamboo Ceiling and how it plagues immigrant Asians because a lack of self-promotion, now there’s a happy … Continue reading

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LollaCup Sippy Cup

A good sippy cup, perhaps like the perfect shade of foundation, is hard to find. Some cups have straws which are impossible for toddlers to drink out of, and normal sippy cups could be linked to delayed speech development. Luckily, … Continue reading

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“Dial” Phone Accessory

Imagine a world where your fashion accessory is your phone, a watch, and just plain cute. With this “Dial” concept design, maybe all this will be possible in the future. The bracelet acts as a rotary dial for your phone, … Continue reading

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Triangle Wall Shelf

We don’t know about you, but to us wall shelves are boring. So linear–so yesterday. Spruce up your wall space with these Triangle Wall Shelf set of 4 ($80). Rearrange them however you wish in order to create the shelving … Continue reading

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Maneki Neko Tee

Ever feel like your day could use a little extra luck? Maybe you spilled your coffee, broke the heel off of your shoe, or just feel like something isn’t right. Now you can brighten up your day with this Maneki … Continue reading

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Kawaii Green Tea Ring

Spring is here, but that doesn’t stop the weather from throwing in a few cold days here and there. A cold day calls for tea, so warm yourself up with this Green Tea Ring ($12.50). This bling is both cute … Continue reading

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GOTM!: Spring Has Sprung

It’s a new month, and that means it’s time for Goodies Of The Month! (GOTM!). Now, it’s finally April and the season of Spring has sprung upon us. Not everyone celebrates Easter, but here are some seasonable goodies that we … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why I Only Date Asian People

Having started dating when I was a sweet young thing of 17, I realized something: I only ever dated Asian people. Maybe it stems from the fact that the dating pool at my high school was predominantly Asian, but this … Continue reading

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“The Island Edge” by Tom Coffman

Hawaii. Simply say the word and you’ll think of a lush green state, possibly resplendent with luaus and hula girls. But what really happened in the history of the 50th state? What role did Asian Americans play? The popular history … Continue reading

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“Strangers From A Different Shore” by Ronald Takaki

Why did Asians immigrate to America? How did the model minority myth come about? Why is it that there seem to be more Japanese Americans in Hawaii than other parts of the United States? Whatever your level of APA knowledge, … Continue reading

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Kick Ass Ninja Hoodie

If you’ve been following us, you know that we love ninjas. Some might even go so far as to say we adore them. And now, with these Kiss Ass Ninja Hoodies ($35), we can show off our love in cute, … Continue reading

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Gold Skull Earrings

Sometimes, gold jewelry can be so mundane. Sure it’s shiny, but where’s its sense of humor? With these Gold Skull Earrings ($15), you can now have it all. Measuring just over an inch long, these earrings feature jet-black crystal beads … Continue reading

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