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Mike Shinoda’s Glorious Excess (Dies) at the Japanese American National Museum

Mike Shinoda is widely known through his work with the band Linkin Park, although I’m more of a fan of his hip-hop/rap project Fort Minor and his album, The Rising Tied. He also has a degree in illustration, and is … Continue reading

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Senator Edward Kennedy’s Legacy to the Asian American Community

This past week there have been many tributes to Senator Edward Kennedy, who passed away due to brain cancer. Kennedy’s most lasting legacy to the Asian American community will most likely be his championing to pass the Immigration and Nationality … Continue reading

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Daul Kim: One Sassy ‘n Smart Bitch

Familiar with Korean supermodel Daul Kim? If not, you probably should because she can provide hours of procrastinating entertainment. Aside from being a supermodel, Kim keeps a fascinating and entertaining blog, I Like To Fork Myself, which she updates on a … Continue reading

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The 60th Birthday (or any Chinese Birthday for that matter)

Both mainland China and Taiwan are celebrating 60th birthdays in the coming months. Mainland China is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic, with a parade on October 1, along with a special blockbuster movie with over 170 famous … Continue reading

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(500) Days of Summer’s Chinese Family Scene

One of my favorite movies this summer and this year is the romantic comedy & tragedy (500) Days of Summer, following the ups and downs of a relationship between Tom and Summer over 500 days in non-chronological random order. At … Continue reading

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The Whale that Exploded in the Streets of Taiwan

Yes, you read that correctly. Back in 2004, a whale exploded in the city streets of Tainan, Taiwan. Before you assume that Taiwanese geniuses have developed some sort of biological weapon of mass destruction, you should know that this accident … Continue reading

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8 Questions for Asians Arts Museum

As previously blogged by Moye, the Asians Arts Museum — note the plural, it’s what threw me off — is a pretty detailed parody site of the Lords of the Samurai exhibit in San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum. So much … Continue reading

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Survivor: Samoa’s Token Asian Contestant: “Shy” and “Forgettable”

Another year, another season of Survivor and — for better or for worse now — another token Asian contestant.  This year’s Asian contestant on Survivor: Samoa comes in the form of 33 year old Liz Kim, an attorney out of … Continue reading

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Events: Nail Salon Worker Panels in San Jose

To get your event blogged about on 8Asians, join our social network! A Hidden Side of Beauty: Hazards Facing Nail Salon Workers – Part of South Bay First Thursdays, a panel discussion uncovering the true health cost of a $16 … Continue reading

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“Asians Arts Museum” Parodies SF Asian Arts Museum Samurai Exhibit

Being Asian American is hard, but can you imagine how much more complicated it is to be an Asian American BLOGGER? And life only gets harder each moment with the sheer amount of Asian American news that you have to … Continue reading

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Asian, Westerners Accents & Language Barriers

By Maricris Imagine talking to someone and everything sounds like gibberish, yet the person talking to you is also speaking in English. Doesn’t that frustrate you sometimes? I’m sure it does and the culprit is mostly our accents and how … Continue reading

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More of my cousin, Daniel Liu (or maybe a little too much!)

After I asked for people to keep an eye out for my cousin Daniel as his image begins appearing in commercial ads, I began receiving requests from people for asking for “introductions” and “more hot pixxx pls!” Um, sorry… no … Continue reading

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