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How I Overcame Disasters To Create My Web Series “Model Minority”

By Li Dong It was about 10 days before shooting started when it all broke apart. After months of planning, casting, location scouting, organizing, careful scheduling, writing and budgeting, my delicate straw house of a production for my web series, … Continue reading

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SF Bay Area’s David Louie Marks 40 Years At ABC 7 News / KGO

Spending 40 years at any company or industry is nearly unheard of these days, but local television news reporter, David Louie, is celebrating 40 years as a broadcast journalist with local ABC affiliate, ABC 7/ KGO. I was surprised to … Continue reading

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Marion Barry Thanks Filipino Nurses, Insults Polish Community

So remember how former Washington DC mayor/current councilman Marion Barry had an issue with “dirty Asian shops” and then beefed with Filipino nurses? It appears he had a change of heart last week when, after being afflicted with a blood … Continue reading

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Judge Dismisses Charges Against Truant Honor Student Diane Tran

Judge Lanny Moriarty has dismissed contempt charges against truant honor student Diane Tran. Tran was sentenced to a night in jail and a $100 fine for missing classes because of exhaustion from working two jobs and an intense academic workload.  … Continue reading

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Why Growing Up Asian American Is Better Today

There is no better time to be a young API American than today… Trust me! Don’t believe me? Let’s go back in time… way way way way way back when I was your age. When Dinosaurs ruled the earth. Okay, … Continue reading

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Jim Nakano’s The Donut Man Shop Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Many may not know a man by the name of Jim Nakano, however, the Donut Man might ring a bell. Nakano, at age 72, is the owner and the creator of the best-selling strawberry donut. His doughnut shop, The Donut … Continue reading

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Manhood Posters Celebrate Asian American Masculinity

A new series of posters from San Francisco artist, Deborah Enrile Lao celebrates Asian American masculinity. The series, titled “Manhood,” consists of screen printed posters of five iconic Asian American men—Richard Aoki, George Takei, Jeremy Lin, Bruce Lee and DJ … Continue reading

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Activist James Akira Hirabayashi Passes Away

People need to know who James Akira Hirabayashi was. A scholar and an activist, he was one of the professors who “risked their jobs when they went on strike in 1968, a historic social movement that led to the creation … Continue reading

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Honor Student Diana Tran Jailed for Missing School Abandoned by her parents, Diane Tran works a full and part time job to support two siblings while being a honor student taking AP courses and college level courses, but was jailed for a night and fined $100 after … Continue reading

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K-Pop Rocks Silicon Valley & YouTube

Earlier this week, we blogged about Rolling Stone magazine releasing their list of 10 K-pop groups most likely to break in the U.S. I had the great pleasure to attend the Google/YouTube sponsored MBC K-Pop concert – MBC Korean Music … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Hit Hardest By Long-Term Unemployment

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute, showed for the second year in a row that Asian Americans have the highest rate of long-term joblessness (6 months or more) of any ethnicity in the United States. In 2011, 50.1 … Continue reading

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Tracy McGrady’s Chinese Beer Commercial & The Yao Ming Effect

From Min Y.: “Before there was the Facebook Effect, there was the Yao Ming Effect, where any player who ever played with Yao received random endorsement deals from Chinese companies. Now almost a year after Yao’s retirement, Former Houston Rockets … Continue reading

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