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Jeremy Lin’s New Role In Olympic Basketball

Although he did not play in the NBA playoffs, Jeremy Lin now has a role with USA Olympic Basketball, as a member of the USA Men’s Select Team.  TheSselect Team plays and trains against the US National Team that will … Continue reading

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American Idol Announces Season 11 Winner And It’s Not Jessica Sanchez

I haven’t really cared about American Idol since my homegirl Kelly Clarkson won in the show’s debut season. This season is no different. The contestants were talented, but lacking in charisma. Essentially they are singing robots ready to be programmed … Continue reading

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Having An Asian Moment: Men in Black III, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, And The Rufio prequel

I pride myself in patrolling movie and TV news and finding something relevant for our 8Asians readers — and I find TONS of news. Unfortunately I find SO much news that I get overwhelmed and have a nervous breakdown. I … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Heineken’s The Date

This commercial has been on the air for a while, but a reader passed a link along. When I first saw this commercial, I liked it. I like Heineken beer, and have even done the Heineken experience tour in Amsterdam. … Continue reading

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Always Together Documentary Tracks Chinese Jamaicans Influence in Reggae Music

From pioneer soundsystem operator Tom ‘The Great Sebastian’ Wong in the 1940s to contemporary dancehall masters Black Chiney, Chinese-Jamaicans have played an integral part in the music scene on the island since even before Jamaica cut its first domestic record … Continue reading

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Why I Continue to Support Rapper Loco Ninja

Jeff Chang (one of my heroes) showed to us that the world of commercial rap isn’t pretty. He once wrote with Dave Zirin that media oligarchs “twist an art form into an orgy of materialism, violence and misogyny by spending millions … Continue reading

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ESPN Profiles 92 year old Judo Coach Yoshihiro Uchida

From Min Y.: “ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi profiles 92-year-old San Jose State judo coach Yoshihiro Uchida, whose team recently won its 45th National Collegiate Judo Championship. Now THIS is the real life Mr. Miyagi — I have nothing but the utmost … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone Releases List Of 10 Kpop Groups Most Likely To Break In The US

Rolling Stone released their list of 10 K-pop groups most likely to break in America. Of the list are the obvious names, while others were kind of surprising. The list, needless to say, sparked much discussion in Kpop forums all … Continue reading

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Watch Yul Kwon’s “America Revealed” PBS Series Online

Back in April, Asian American celebrity host Yul Kwon hosted a four part series on for PBS called America Revealed with the following episodes: Episode 1 – Food Machine Episode 2 – Nation on the Move Episode 3 – Electric … Continue reading

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Chibi Silver Charm Bracelet

“Take home a piece of inner peace” is the slogan to Jizo and Chibi’s jewelry lines.  The Chibi jewelry line is representative of a “little one” that is energetic and expressive: it takes on the upside-down approach to life.  Pictured … Continue reading

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LA County Supervisor To Announce Repeal Of 1942 Resolution On Japanese American Internment

This article was originally posted on and has been republished here with permission. By Chris Sure, Angelenos are no strangers to the concept of a makeover. But when it comes to an egregious error on the part of elected … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Gets A New Asian Wife!

Congratulations are in order for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his new wife, Priscilla Chan! Yes, the latter may have been Zuckerberg’s longtime girlfriend but she has now officially joined the ranks of other Asian trophy wives like Wendi Deng, … Continue reading

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