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Racist and Sexist Signs Calling Asian Women ‘White-Boy Worshipping Whores’ Posted at UCLA

For the last few days, the Asian American websphere has been buzzing about two possibly related incidents at UCLA which campus police are investigating as hate crimes. On Tuesday, a student discovered a piece of paper with the words “asian … Continue reading

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Learn Taiwanese from Mike Campbell Whenever I visited Taiwan as a child, my family and friends there were always so very impressed with my Taiwanese, and not just because I was the American kid. Other kids my age or generation who had grown up … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam’s Misguided Child: Like Father, Like Son, or: Why Two Controversial Philippine Laws Are Omens

“The Philippines right now is how America will be in twenty years”, says Li, a Manila resident situated in one of many Bonifacio High Street’s various cafes, in reference to two government acts under Noynoy Aquino’s leadership. The laws in … Continue reading

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Racial Abuse and Attacks: Unwilling Victim or Unknowing Participant?

Male chauvinism has taken quite some time to accept that women are not objects, that they are entitled to being who they are without interference (although half the world is still catching up). However, campaigns such as “Take Back the … Continue reading

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How One Transgender Korean American Found Inspiration From Her Birth Mother

Andy Marra, a Korean adoptee, shares the touching story about tracking down her Korean birth mother, whose love and acceptance allowed her to continue her male-to-female transition: “To this day I am astounded by my mother’s supernatural intuition despite the … Continue reading

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Faking An Asian Language – The Right Way

Many of you may have been mocked when you were a kid by people saying to you “Ching Chong Ting Tong” or other such nonsense in a lame attempt at imitating an Asian language.  Hey, it still goes on even … Continue reading

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Asian American UFC Fighters On FOX 5

The fight card of UFC on FOX 5 seems to have an unusually large number of Asian American fighters.  Benson Henderson defends his lightweight title against Nate Diaz, with BJ Penn also on the main card.  On the preliminary card, … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Motorola’s Droid RAZR M Motorola’s latest commercial for its Droid RAZR M stars an Asian American Little Red Riding Hood, using her smartphone at the latest version of Android (“Jelly Bean”) to find a safer way to grandma’s house. I thought the commercial … Continue reading

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Seventh Soldier In Danny Chen Abuse Case Receives Mix of Verdicts

Staff Sargent Andrew J. Van Bockel, the seventh soldier courtmartialed in association with Private Danny Chen’s suicide, received a mix of verdicts on November 20. He was convicted of hazing Chen, allowing Chen to be hazed, and maltreating Chen by … Continue reading

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Racist Tweets About Psy’s American Music Awards Performance

While I thought that the MC Hammer/Psy Mashup that Psy performed on the American Music Awards was awesome, these racist tweets indicate that not everyone thought that Psy was great.   I checked on some of these tweets, and while some … Continue reading

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Are “LatinAsians” A New Political Voting Bloc?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy  This past Sunday afternoon, MSNBC’s Richard Liu spoke with  Christine Chen from Asian American and Pacific Islander American Vote (AAPIA) Vote, Karthick Ramakrishnan from the University of California-Riverside … Continue reading

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