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William is a very simple person who can't sit at a desk for an extended period of time without going insane. He is currently studying law but hopes to find a career with more than just daily paperwork. He believes that humans are blind to their own bias and often reason is merely a state of mind. He also doens't mind being contraversial at times, believing that accepted notions should be challenged to encourage greater thinking. He has a hunger for going off the beaten track and doing something other than the usual asian pursuits (karaoke!), and is passionate about hiking and extreme sports. He likes to kick back to music and a good movie now and then and is proud of having never been drunk in his life (or broken a bone!). Eventually, he wants to have made a difference to the world somehow, and strongly believes the maxim that glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever. Oh, and he likes to blog on 8asians and brag about himself in bios.

Need a Prostate Check? Call a “Small, Asian, Female Doctor,” Says Australia’s ‘First Bloke’

Now, I do have to admit. I voted for Julia Gilliard at the last election. For those who don’t know, Julia Gilliard is the head of a minority government compromised of the Labour and Green parties. Traditionally, they’ve stood out … Continue reading

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Another Perspective: What Does “Asian American” Mean?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Johnny C previously wrote Asian America: Confusion from Within, Abroad, and Why, inspired by the same Economist article. –Joz White. Black. Asian. Common words that are used to define a person’s ethnic background in a very crude way, … Continue reading

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Racial Abuse and Attacks: Unwilling Victim or Unknowing Participant?

Male chauvinism has taken quite some time to accept that women are not objects, that they are entitled to being who they are without interference (although half the world is still catching up). However, campaigns such as “Take Back the … Continue reading

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Racist Job Advertisement Posted In Australia

Job advertisements usually describe what you need to apply for the position. A nice smile, great personality, hard working, willing to do anything to get one over your rivals (that’s not expressly written in legal advertisements but its implied), quick … Continue reading

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21 Years After The Death Of Dr. Chang: Leniency Or Laxity?

On 12th October 2012, 6:10pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time, a frail 69 year old man suffering from Parkinsons disease was released from Long Bay Correctional Centre and escorted off to be deported back to Malaysia. 21 years ago, Chiew Seng … Continue reading

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Host Bars – The Changing Face of South Korea

Living under the threat of a nuclear war by a meglo-maniac does have its stressful time, but South Korea has successfully put the threat of doomsday into the back of its mind and is instead surging forward in its pursuit … Continue reading

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Brad Belanger’s Racist Jokes Against An Asian Heckler In February 2012, comedian Brad Belanger took the stage to slag off a mixed couple who had been heckling previous acts. Whether they deserved being put down publicly is one thing but the jokes used were racist in nature. … Continue reading

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Is Asian Immigration Making America Less Religious?

Is Asian Immigration making America less religious? Asian immigration has been the focus of many, many claims to society ills. They include the usual load of “they taking our jobs” or “damn, they soaking our social services”  etc. But funnily … Continue reading

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The Sydney Train Attack: Where Do We Draw The Line?

The recent attack on two Asian International students on a Sydney train really made me angry. Based on the students accounts, not only was it not necessary for anyone to step in on the bashing of two people but apparently, … Continue reading

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Australia’s New Identity Check Laws Force Muslim Women To Show Faces

Following from a previous article I wrote on the viability of Asian Muslims to assimilate into Western Scoiety, a new development for Muslim women has occurred in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Legislation has been passed to make … Continue reading

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Adam WarRock’s You Dare Call That Thing Human?!? New Album Review

Adam WarRock’s (aka. Eugene Ahn) new album, You Dare Call That Thing Human?!? now available, has in this author’s opinion redefined how people will look at the nerd and geek music scene.  Following on from 8asian’s  first interview with him … Continue reading

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I am Bruce Lee Documentary Trailer & Why We Should Remember His Legacy Bruce Lee. Do I really have to write anymore? Those two words are worth more than anything I will write, mainly because there’s just some many different takes and angles on this incredible person who influenced the world in … Continue reading

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