Brad Belanger’s Racist Jokes Against An Asian Heckler

In February 2012, comedian Brad Belanger took the stage to slag off a mixed couple who had been heckling previous acts. Whether they deserved being put down publicly is one thing but the jokes used were racist in nature. He used terms such as “Asian escort” to describe the female and came out with pathetic jokes such as “How much do you cost?” and “You don’t speak English, you don’t speak English,” even imitating the way she spoke.

This is an absolutely pathetic performance from a even more pathetic person who obviously doesn’t have the brain to make any other jokes than racial ones. He should try that with a African American or Latino woman next time, see where that gets him. The good news is that the racism was picked up by several viewers. My hat goes off to those brave people who actually drew the line between stopping hecklers and just being an idiot.

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