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Fake Goods: An Australian Born Chinese in China

By Monica Tan The Chinese taxi driver had a big incredulous smile plastered over his face. “Where are you from?!” he asked, hardly containing his laughter. To any ordinary foreigner this is an ordinary question. But to a Chinese Australian … Continue reading

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Asian American Fishermen Affected by Mercury Pollution

While some Asian Americans/Canadians fish for recreation, others fish in order to use their catch to directly feed their families. The Sierra Club is publicizing a study showing how mercury pollution in fish is affecting Hispanic communities, with some Hispanic … Continue reading

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APA Spotlight: Aldous Davidson, Co-manager, Asian American Film Lab

APA Spotlight is a weekly interview of Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) community leaders. It is a spotlight on individuals who have dedicated their careers to issues surrounding the APIA community with the goal of bringing much deserved recognition to … Continue reading

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Michelle Yeoh Deported From Myanmar

Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you can go anywhere you want. Actress Michelle Yeoh discovered this after she was deported and blacklisted from Myanmar for her role in the upcoming movie about Suu Kyi: “The Malaysian actress arrived … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Hornitos Tequila One of our readers passed along this funny commercial for Hornitos Tequila, featuring a very a horny hot brunette Jen who confesses missing fellow not-as-hot classmate Don Chao in geometry class. Don doesn’t recall Jen being in geometry; Jane … Continue reading

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The Bachelorette Takes Their Suitors to Taiwan

Awww, isn’t this cute? ABC’s dating reality show The Bachelorette could have taken Bachelorette Ashley and her suitors to Paris or the Caribbean, but the show decided to take them to Taiwan instead. Taiwan! I know! Attached is an outtake … Continue reading

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Hawaii’s Ledward Kaapana Honored As One of Nation’s Top Artists

From the Honolulu Star-Advertiser: “Hawaii slack key guitar and ukulele musician Ledward Kaapana was named as a 2011 National Heritage Fellowship recipient, the nation’s highest honor in folk and traditional arts… Kaapana, who grew up in Kalapana on the Big … Continue reading

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What Asian American Kids Watch on TV: Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm

I saw Number Two Son watching A.N.T. Farm on the Disney Channel, about a group of brilliant middle school students who go to a San Francisco high school.  They are part of a gifted program for students who have “Advanced … Continue reading

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Study Concludes APA Students Are “Not Monolithically Successful”

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: “Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders are, as a whole, not as well educated and financially successful as prevailing stereotypes often suggest, according to the preliminary findings of a report released on Monday. […] In fact, … Continue reading

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House Committee on Foreign Affairs & “Why Taiwan Matters”

On June 16th, the House of Representatives’ Committee on Foreign Affairs conducted a full committee hearing on “Why Taiwan Matters.” Unlike most issues in Congress, supporting Taiwan is not a partisan issue – both Democrats and Republicans support Taiwan and … Continue reading

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Sunoh! Tell Me Sister, Dictee & More Reviews From The 3rd NAATF Weekend

Over the past two days on June 24th and 25th, I had a chance to check out six of the numerous performances (much thanks to Ami Patel for providing the hookup) at the 3rd National Asian American Theater Festival in … Continue reading

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