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Asian American Subsistence Fishing in Southern California

On a business trip to Southern California, I visited the Daughter, and together we saw this sign about contaminated fish on the Manhattan Beach Pier.  It caught my eye that you shouldn’t eat barracuda (you can catch barracuda off of … Continue reading

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Asian American Medical Hazard: Toxic Subsistence Fishing

When I saw this sign at the start of a run at Coyote Point, a park on San Francisco Bay, I thought to myself, “do people really eat a lot of fish from the Bay?”  Apparently many do, as a … Continue reading

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Asian American Fishermen Affected by Mercury Pollution

While some Asian Americans/Canadians fish for recreation, others fish in order to use their catch to directly feed their families. The Sierra Club is publicizing a study showing how mercury pollution in fish is affecting Hispanic communities, with some Hispanic … Continue reading

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The White Croaker and Asian American Eating Habits

Officials from the California Department of Fish and Game having been going to fishing piers and Chinese and Vietnamese markets in Southern California looking for people catching or buying white croaker (pictured).  This article from the San Jose Mercury News … Continue reading

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