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DUDE WTF ASIA: Japanese Woman Accidentally Kills Self and Husband in Pitfall Trap

One young woman in Japan decided to play some sort of joke on her husband for his birthday and spent the better part of a day digging a 2.5m hole in the sand with a couple of the guy’s buddies. … Continue reading

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Decoupage Washi Tape Clothespins

Clothespins are one of the most utilitarian items out there. Not only do they hang up clothes, but they can serve as pretty good paper clips too. So why not mix practicality with good looks with these Decoupage Washi Tape … Continue reading

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Asian American Women and Construction Work

From Northwest Asian Weekly: “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008, while women made up 34 percent of lawyers, 61 percent of accountants, and 79 percent of social workers, they made up only 8 percent of construction managers. With … Continue reading

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Male Circumcision & Culture Clash: To Cut Or Not To Cut

Even before my partner and I started the process of having a child, there were discussions about whether circumcision made sense for any new born male baby. It’s a topic that’s widely debated still, and there’s more of a growing … Continue reading

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Gawker: Integrated School Cafeterias Eradicate Racism, Not Talking About Racism

Kinda obvious news when you think about it, via Gawker: “You probably remember being in school and looking across the cafeteria at all the mysterious, differently-hued people huddled at their own table on the other side of the room and … Continue reading

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Do All Asians Really Look Alike?

Do all Asians look alike? Where does such a stereotype come from? I’ve recently spent a lot of time studying other Asian folks (especially Japanese people) to see if there are any similarities between me and them. Personally, I think … Continue reading

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WTF: Yogurt Store Owner Kidnapped a Female Worker and Kept Her Inside a Box

When you go to the Yelp page for Monterey Park’s O’ My Yogurt & O’ My Buns, one Yelper shares a photo of a “Wall of Shame” where the business owner posts photos from his security camera of people who … Continue reading

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SF’s Democratic County Central Committee Ignores Asian American Mayoral Candidates

In an inexplicable move, San Francisco’s Democratic County Central Committee, which is composed of  32 committee members, did not endorse any of the major and very qualified Asian American candidates for mayor: [The DCCC] recently endorsed Supervisor John Avalos as its … Continue reading

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Threadless “Sushi” Tee

We’ve said before that we miss sushi when we’re away from home. This Sushi shirt ($20) from Threadless gives us another way to tide ourselves over. Printed on green, the shirt features three sleeping rice balls, clutching their sushi blankets. At time … Continue reading

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‘The Lady’ Trailer & Shepard Fairey Poster: Luc Besson Tackles Political Resistance

Says Rahat: “The Shepard Fairey poster for Luc Besson’s The Lady is entirely disappointing and quite dishonest in using a style that was often utilized by the Communist Chinese. Does it look pretty? Sure. But it’s another instance of form … Continue reading

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Please Look After Mom’s Author Sin Kyung-Sook To Write More Books

From The Korea Times: “The celebrated author Shin Kyung-sook said that foreign readers she met have inspired her to write more…[She] returned to Korea on Aug. 25 after a four-month tour to seven cities in North America and eight in … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Face New Stereotype in Ads I caught this article the other day in the Washington Post on Asian Americans being stereotyped in ads and many of the studies, observations and comments have mirrored my own, especially in all the Asian American Commercial Watch postings … Continue reading

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