WTF: Yogurt Store Owner Kidnapped a Female Worker and Kept Her Inside a Box

When you go to the Yelp page for Monterey Park’s O’ My Yogurt & O’ My Buns, one Yelper shares a photo of a “Wall of Shame” where the business owner posts photos from his security camera of people who didn’t pay for their frozen yogurt.

Based on a report by the L.A. Times, the person who needs to be on the Wall of Shame is yogurt store owner Robert Yachen Lee (I’m going to call him “The Yogurt Creep”), who is facing kidnapping and attempted murder charges for abducting a female employee and keeping her inside a box in a soundproof room, according to prosecutors.

Robert Yachen Lee alleged lured the employee to a storage room above O My Yogurt on south Atlantic Boulevard early Wednesday, knocked her unconscious and then — after removing her clothing and dressing her in an adult diaper — placed her in a box, authorities said.

The victim told authorities that when she came to, she was bound with tape and had a collar around her neck.

Prosecutors believe Lee planned the kidnapping, because the storage room had recently been soundproofed.

The woman was able to free herself and escape to a nearby optometrist’s office, where she alerted police.

Bail is set at $10 million. O’ My, indeed!

[Picture modified from the original “Wall of Shame” photo by Narmer P, using the mugshot of The Yogurt Creep from the Monterey Park Police Department by our Benevolent Dictator.]

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