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Asian American X-Files: The Only Asian Person to Have Sex With an Alien

Ever since I read Communion by Whitley Strieber, I’ve been fixated on the alien abductee experience. One of the things I’ve noticed is that a lot of the screen memories of abductees seem to involve Asians. The definition, according to … Continue reading

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#SubmitToHate and “ThankYouDonald” on Instagram is documenting social media accounts of #WhiteLash

I am just going to link to ThankYouDonald and let the posts speak for themselves. The account description is: Thank You, Donald. Bearing witness to the #WhiteLash. Contribute photos/screenshots by tagging them with #SubmitToHate. I wish this account didn’t need … Continue reading

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A comment to Lela Lee of Angry Little Asian Girl, by Min Jung Kim

EDITORS NOTE FROM JOZ: For background, over the weekend, Lela Lee of Angry Little Asian Girl posted this: Why the “Angry Asian Man” is pissing me off. Today, Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man responded: I AM BEING THREATENED WITH … Continue reading

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Newspaper sets up 2 Asian Americans on a date, massive boredom ensues

by Leeland Lee Get ready to cringe. The New York Post recently set up two random Brooklynites on a blind date in their “This Week’s Couple” segment. Asian Americans Chris, 30, and Vickie, 27, met up for dinner at Café … Continue reading

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Stuff That Should Stay in Asia: Singing & Spinning Happy Birthday Flower Candles

Have you seen these fire hazards known as “The Amazing Happy Birthday Candle?” Easily found on the Internet and evidently legal and available in the United States (via Amazon and other websites), these candles have been popular in mainland China … Continue reading

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Asians Behaving Badly: Man Broke into Woman’s Home, Took Off Clothes and Fell Asleep with Her in Bed

Via MyFoxLA: SANTA ANA, Calif. – A man was arrested after police say he broke into a woman’s home, took off all his clothes, and climbed into her bed while she was in it sleeping. According to police reports, the … Continue reading

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