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Sacramento Area Asian Americans arming themselves during Crime Wave

While the wave of robberies targeting Asian Americans in the Sacramento area has declined in some neighborhoods like Oak Park, where police have concentrated resources, crime and fear have increased in other Asian neighborhoods like Meadowview, Fruitridge, and Pocket, to … Continue reading

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Robberies in South Sacramento Continue As Asian Americans Targeted

My cousin lives in South Sacramento, and when The Wife, my Dad, and I visited her this past summer, we had dinner in one of the many Asian themed restaurant and shopping areas there.  Little did we know that South … Continue reading

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Convenience Store Clerk Manveer Komer Saves Kidnapping Victim

While Asian American convenience store workers are parodied in portrayals like Apu in The Simpsons, Manveer Komer displayed tremendous bravery and in rescuing a kidnapped doctor in Philadelphia.  On his late night shift, Komer noticed odd behavior from a woman … Continue reading

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Thieves Target Indian Americans for their Gold

As an Indian American family returned home from the airport, two armed men appeared and told them  to get into their house.  Once inside, the robbers forced them to kneel, ripped chains off the wife’s neck, and stole $25,000 of … Continue reading

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