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‘Fresh off the Boat’ Episode Review: “A Man to Share the Night With”

Fresh Off the Boat, Season 4, Episode 14: “A Man to Share the Night With” Original airdate January 30, 2018. Synopsis:  Louis sees Eddie shaving for what he believes is the first time.  Overjoyed that his eldest son is now … Continue reading

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8Books: “Not Your Villain” by CB Lee

Not Your Villain is the page turning sequel to CB Lee’s delightful Not Your Sidekick. Villain picks up probably midstream with Sidekick, eventually merging plot lines. It follows shapeshifter Bells Broussard, best friends with Sidekick‘s Jess Tran, on his official, but secret, journey to becoming a … Continue reading

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Q&A with Paget Kagy of ‘Kat Loves LA’ and EXCLUSIVE new episode early release

By Dawn Lee Tu Exclusive for 8Asians readers, check out Episode 6 of Kat Loves LA here before it gets released on 1/28! Star, writer, and producer of Kat Loves LA, on not denying your Asian American identity, making that … Continue reading

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Shark Tank: “Gold digger” Yunha Kim & Simple Habit

I think the last time I wrote about Shark Tank was when 3 Korean American women were trying to raise money for their dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel, where one sister (I think the one that went to Stanford for … Continue reading

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2017 – 2018 Golden State Warriors Asian Heritage Night

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve become a fan of the Golden State Warriors when the Warriors first signed on Jeremy Lin back in 2010. And since then, the Warriors have gotten better and better (although Lin has … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Tostitos “Reposting” Although this commercial was uploaded to Tostitos’ YouTube channel over 7 months ago, I only recently caught this TV commercial, which stars actress Alli Chung. I like how this commercial kind of mocks those who tend to be a bit too … Continue reading

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78% of Asian American Millennials Disapprove Trump’s Job Performance

In a recent NBC News/GenForward Survey poll at the end of September, 78% of Asian American Millennials disapprove of Trump’s job performance. That is not a surprise given that 64% of Millennials overall disapprove of Trump’s performance. Additionally, the poll found 68% … Continue reading

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‘Fresh off the Boat’ Episode Review: “The Car Wash”

Fresh Off the Boat, Season 4, Episode 13 : “The Car Wash” Original airdate January 16, 2018. Synopsis:  Jessica’s deeply involved with edits on her novel, A Case of a Knife to the Brain, and Louis worries that he and his … Continue reading

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NYC Theater Review: ‘Panorama’ at La MaMa

Panorama is a world premiere play from Italian duo Motus showing at La MaMa (66 East 4th Street) as part of The Public’s Under the Radar Festival until January 21. Though the description for the show is a bit dense–“proposing a … Continue reading

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Asian Squat Update: Why it’s good for you and why it’s going away

“A guru once told me that the problem with the West is they don’t squat.” – Rosie Spinks One of 8Asians’ most popular articles continues to be Koji Sakai’s article on the “Asian” Squat.  We recently got a comment from … Continue reading

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Asian American Frozen Foods: Ajinomoto’s Shoyu Chicken Ramen Bowls

I was at Costco the other day, and noticed this new frozen meal – Ajinomoto’s Tokyo Style Shoyu Chicken Ramen Bowls. I’m always looking for something I can bring to work, since I had mentioned, the company cafeteria kind of … Continue reading

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Fun, irreverent Alice Lee on playing a badass in Philip K. Dick’s ‘Electric Dreams’ Series

By Dawn Lee Tu Alice Lee has been in the game for a decade and there’s a good chance you’ve seen her before. Her impressive body of work includes Broadway (award-winning Spring Awakeningand Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark) and off-Broadway … Continue reading

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