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What Asian Cuisine Will Next Go Mainstream?

By Eddy A few years back, I was at dinner with some colleagues after we had finished the day at the client site.  In the course of making some small talk, the project manager (Caucasian male in his 50’s living … Continue reading

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Ching Chong Beautiful: A Pretty Awful Name for a Flash Game

The indie video gaming scene has a lot of good things going for it compared to standard video game production — shorter and cheaper development times, and a greater variety of innovative practices. It can also make for some offensive … Continue reading

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Standing Up for Ourselves: A New Years Resolution

By Serena As we are about to embark on a New Year, I want you all to ask yourselves what this year is going to mean to you. I’m sure a majority of you have written your resolutions (i.e. quit … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s HTC: Quietly Brilliant

If you own a cell phone, there is a good chance your phone was designed and/or manufactured by the Taiwanese company HTC. Never heard of HTC? That’s alright, most people haven’t. For most of their 12+ year existence, HTC has … Continue reading

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USC Offers America 101 for Foreign Students

USC is offering an “America 101” course for its foreign students — a free, non-credit course for culture-shocked Chinese and Indian students on how to adapt to the strange world that is American culture as well as the stranger world … Continue reading

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Oshogatsu: A Japanese New Years

Besides Groundhogs day, my favorite holiday is New Years. I look forward to it every year. I always forget though that most people just think it’s a day to watch football (or a day to recover from a night of partying). For those who don’t know, New Years or oshogatsu in Japan is the most important and elaborate holiday of the year. Continue reading

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Leland Cheung: The First Asian American Student Elected to Cambridge, Massachusetts’ City Council

I don’t know how I missed this past Fall 2009 election in Cambridge, Massachusetts — maybe because I was so focused on Sam Yoon’s Boston mayoral bid? — but Leland Cheung, 31 and current dual degree student at MIT’s Sloan … Continue reading

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How to Add Your Event to 8Asians

8Asians is committed to publicizing events that benefit both the Asian American and Asian Canadian community. In an effort to do this, while not making our editors rip their hair out, we started automating the events process so that an … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley’s Ping Pong Boom

While growing up, my family had a ping pong table in our basement — my brother and I would often play during the summers, when we had a lot of time during our summer vacations and when it was nice … Continue reading

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Trailer for 2010 The Karate Kid Remake with Jackie Chan Released

Which is awesome, how they’re totally doing karate. Oh, wait. –Ernie Oh, where to start with the mockery? Let’s start with the whole karate/kung-fu thing. Simply put: Karate = Japan; Kung-Fu = China. Martial arts nerds can go on about … Continue reading

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Frank H. Wu is Hastings Law School’s First Asian American Dean

The University of California Hastings College of the Law, the oldest law school west of the Mississippi, is getting Frank H. Wu as its first Asian American dean. According to the Chronicle, Wu changed his career plans from architecture to … Continue reading

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8Asians Turns Three Years Old Today! (Oh, and Merry Christmas)

Some time before the Christmas break three years ago, me and a couple of co-workers met up in the Yahoo! cafeteria and talked about possible side projects that everyone was working on. “I’m thinking about starting a multi-person blog about … Continue reading

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