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Zombies, Run! iOS game

Everyone knows that the first rule to Zombie survival is cardio. Now you can train to protect the bastion of humankind with this Zombies, Run! ($7.99) interactive mobile game. Here you’re in a Zombie-filled city designated as the runner, which … Continue reading

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Secretary of State of California Website Considers Taiwan To Be Province Of China

A friend of a friend posted this image on Facebook after she was looking to register to vote. Now the People’s Republic of China may think that Taiwan is a province of China, buthow about the state of California? Although … Continue reading

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Asians Behaving Badly: Vietnamese Man Kills Five in San Francisco, Gambling Debts May be to Blame

From New American Media: “What drove Binh Thai Luc, 35, to be charged this week with slaying five people in a San Francisco home last week? The grisly murders have rocked the city and left investigators and the public searching … Continue reading

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“The Island Edge” by Tom Coffman

Hawaii. Simply say the word and you’ll think of a lush green state, possibly resplendent with luaus and hula girls. But what really happened in the history of the 50th state? What role did Asian Americans play? The popular history … Continue reading

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Is Jeremy Lin New York’s Beloved?

Jeremy Lin hasn’t been playing as great as he had been in February. But, still. He’s a really like-able guy. Humble. Down-to-Earth. According to the latest “The Most Beloved” competition by ESPN, “The New York Knicks point guard captured 70 percent of … Continue reading

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Tank Up Mugs

Has your coffee cup been looking a little lackluster? Tank Up mugs ($10.64) are a fun conversation piece perfect for your home or office. This coffee mug has a temperature activated meter that looks like a fuel gauge. Don’t worry … Continue reading

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Sung Kang Talks ‘Sunset Stories’, Being an Asian American Actor and His Love of Comedy

In Sunset Stories, Sung Kang plays JP, a man who is unexpectedly reunited with his ex-girlfriend (Monique Curnen) who is now a nurse that just lost a cooler full of bone marrow that she was supposed deliver for a transplant. … Continue reading

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Kawaii Kitchen Sponge

Who would have thought scraping off last night’s dinner could look this cute? Leave it to the Japanese to combine beady eyes and an innocent smile to make anything “Kawaii” (translation: uber cute). Choose from Banana-, Apple-, or Onigiri-shaped kitchen … Continue reading

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Korean Students Rethink Getting American Education Over Rising Costs

While many Koreans students are considering studying overseas, rising costs are making some rethink the value of an American education, according to the Korea Times. It would seem that while many universities consider international students to be cash cows, there … Continue reading

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Staple Apparel Spring/Summer 2012

This week we are excited to present a look at New York City company Staple Design’s Spring/Summer 2012 apparel collection. “Theology” is the theme, centered around bible verse Mark 8:36, which is printed on a hidden label inside every shirt. … Continue reading

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An Asian American’s Thoughts On The Killing Of Trayvon Martin

As most of you may have heard by now, the media has been blowing up the past several weeks over the death of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American kid who was shot and killed on February 26th … Continue reading

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Hibiska T-Shirt

When people described the hibiscus as a trumpet flower, they didn’t really mean it. Some people take things a little too literally though, resulting in this Hibiska T-shirt ($23.52). Acting on the pun, it combines two things that are common … Continue reading

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