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6 (months) of 8 (Asians)

So not to toot our own horn or anything, but this week quickly went by with an ever-so-slight milestone: This humble blog has been around for six months. Six awkward, badly designed months, but hey. This blog was started as … Continue reading

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Are Chinese Goods Bad For You ?

So no doubt, you have heard within the past few months, that Chinese food products for human and pet consumption and products have had some problems – that indeed, many of the food products have had substitute ingredients that are … Continue reading

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POP 88 – June 24/07 Vol.1 Eps. 8

So sorry for the time between shows – I was actually on a very long vacation – listen to the podcast to see where I went! This edition of POP 88 has your requests, plus new music from Clazziquai, J … Continue reading

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Quick Note From the Enemy Frontlines

remember that story last month about asian posergurrll at stanford? well ridiculous shit is happening in the chink community. some of you more responsible non-violent types might be appalled. me? i’m glad, because it’s about goddamn time people realized how … Continue reading

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Round 3 ‘SPRING WALTZ’ Caption This! Contest Winners!

Round 2 has ended and … man … you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a kimchee or Rain reference. Some selected non-winning entries from Popcast88: – “What am I doing here. This HURTS!” – “I’m too sexy for my … Continue reading

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So you think you can…BE ASIAN?

Joz just discussed those who wish they weren’t Asian and now Boston Progress Radio (BPR) writes about those who perhaps wish they were. BPR is an online radio station dedicated to featuring Asian-American music, and they recently posted this humorous … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Why the Civil Rights Movement is Dead

College-level activists know how invaluable their leadership experiences with student organizations become once they graduate and enter the professional world. Managing an office staff or working as part of a Board of Directors seems strikingly similar to serving as president … Continue reading

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Ellen is a Super Asian American!

A friend of mine recently wrote about a childhood magnet she found under her parents’ fridge (ew, what was she doing down there?). The magnet says “Ellen is a Super Kid” (obviously her parents have an ironic sense of humor). … Continue reading

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Tired of being Asian?

From Min Jung by way of gigglesugar, this OMGWTF billboard: Shocked? Of course you are. And, after some investigation by gigglesugar reader vegan musician, that’s exactly the kind of response they’re looking for, albeit in a slightly roundabout way: I … Continue reading

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In memory of Vincent Chin – twenty five years later

Twenty-five years ago this week, Chinese-American Vincent Chin was murdered. Who is Vincent Chin you ask? Vincent Chin was a draftsman who was bludgeoned to death 25 years ago in Highland Park, Michigan by two men who blamed Japanese carmakers … Continue reading

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Jerry Yang is the new CEO of Yahoo!

(Full disclosure: I previously worked for Yahoo!, as well as Genghis and John. Mike currently works for Yahoo! as well.) So, the geeks in Silicon Valley are currently talking about Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang taking becoming the new CEO of … Continue reading

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Supporters say Ed Jew is victim of racism

If you have been following San Francisco local politics, you will have heard that Ed Jew, one of eleven members of the city’s Board of Supervisors (Jew represents District 4),  is accused of falsifying his residency on 28th Avenue while … Continue reading

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