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Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender Panned By Critics

The day has finally arrived! M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender finally hits theaters this weekend and last night, the press was treated to a screening for the first reviews. I’m wondering now if Paramount is regretting this decision since … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Michelle Wie in McDonald’s Ad

I was channel surfing the other night when I came across a Chinese version of this McDonald’s commercial on the Bay Area’s local Chinese channel KTSF. I had wondered why a Korean American would be in a Chinese language commercial, … Continue reading

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Street Fighter II Chun-Li 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

How is it that Chun-Li hasn’t aged? Look, we’re in our early to mid-thirties and we’ve all been putting quarters on the Street Fighter II machines at the local 7-11s when we were in Junior High; clearly, the self-proclaimed “Strongest … Continue reading

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Math Whizzes Help Find Obama’s, um, Foci

In yet another example of inadvertently promoting stereotypes, six junior high math geniuses — most of whom happen to be Asian American — visited Obama in the White House to talk about math education. Apparently, the bulk of the visit … Continue reading

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Former Boston Mayoral Candidate Sam Yoon Moves to Washington DC

In 2009, Sam Yoon made a historic run to be mayor of Boston. Unfortunately, Yoon fell short in the Democratic primary and the incumbent mayor of 16 years, Tom Menino, easily defeated the other Democratic challenger in a run-off election. … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Coming Trailer Spoofs Christian Worship Sermons and APA Leaders This video that spoofs Christian worship services has been popping up back on various Christian blogs, Facebook and Twitter, and cracks me up. Depending on where one is on the “contemporary-traditional” worship service spectrum, it may or may not … Continue reading

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Instant Ramen Cupmen from h concept

The worst part about instant ramen is the wait–the horrid wait after you pour in the hot water, close the top and wait until the noodles and broth are ready. Thanks to Cupmen from h concept (840円 = $10), the … Continue reading

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Sumofish “Dog-zeki” T-Shirt

East meets West in the delicious form of a hot dog Sumo wrestler, as depicted by this “Dog-zeki” shirt from Sumofish ($20). The SF-based t-shirt company is known for their designs that feature both Japanese and American pop culture, and … Continue reading

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Melinda Mae “Flora” Clutch

We’re kind of drooling all over our keyboard with handbag designer Melinda Mae’s ‘Flora’ clutch ($35). Not only are her bags handmade, but they also feature an array of sizes and colorful Asian-inspired patterns. We’re personally in love with this … Continue reading

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Moogle Hat

Final Fantasy cosplay: not just for gamer nerds at anime conventions! We prefer a more subtle approach to expressing our fandom, like this Moogle Hat ($27.99) from AnimeHot. Wear it to work, wear it when it snows or wear it … Continue reading

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“A Seemingly Empty Room of Ninjas” Print

You think the room is empty, but it’s really not. That’s how awesome ninjas are. Which is why you should enjoy this print by illustrator Parko Polo (£20 GBP = $30). Use it to decorate a wall or serve as … Continue reading

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Asian Beatboxing: Daichi & Hikakin I am amazed at how people could even attempt to make the sounds they do through beatboxing. But just as Asians have started to dominate the bboy scene, it seems that they are starting to go crazy also with … Continue reading

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