Sunday’s Coming Trailer Spoofs Christian Worship Sermons and APA Leaders

This video that spoofs Christian worship services has been popping up back on various Christian blogs, Facebook and Twitter, and cracks me up. Depending on where one is on the “contemporary-traditional” worship service spectrum, it may or may not be funny to you. I passed it on, of course, and got various reactions – some that surprised me because those who actually do like this kind of expression of Christianity laughed at it as much as those who think this is what gives Christianity its unappealing reputation. I heard from a couple of people who were mildly offended by it: I do cringe a little at the reality of it in many places.

Why post this on 8Asians? I especially enjoy the APA guy that showed up a little less than a minute into the trailer as a representative of one of the “leaders” or ministry staff. From what I remember in my time in various more Evangelical Christian circles, it’s pretty spot-on in terms of the cool-hipster APA that had an “in” with the white, male Christian leaders because he was funny or different. Still, I would take this guy over Joseph Prince any Sunday. I think.

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