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Self-Segregation in Religion

So I was out having dinner with a few friends and the topic of religion came about. One of the guys basically invited us to his church and the question came up on whether or not the church accepted mixed … Continue reading

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The Working APA Actor: Bobby Naderi

The Working APA Actor is a bi-monthly interview of Asian Pacific Islander American actors in the entertainment world, whether it be theater, film, television, or commercials. It is an inside look at these actors exploring their passion in their craft … Continue reading

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Vacation Bible School: Faith and APA Stereotypes

I just finished a week of chaos and insanity, which happens every year during the summer. If you walk into pretty much any church, Asian and non-Asian, there will be signs up for the upcoming Vacation Bible School (VBS) with … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Coming Trailer Spoofs Christian Worship Sermons and APA Leaders

http://vimeo.com/11501569 This video that spoofs Christian worship services has been popping up back on various Christian blogs, Facebook and Twitter, and cracks me up. Depending on where one is on the “contemporary-traditional” worship service spectrum, it may or may not … Continue reading

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Young Christians Try to Convert Indian Girl on YouTube

When I saw this video off of one of my Facebook feeds, I just had to say… “wow.” While I respect religious beliefs, if this is what we’re teaching our children, then sometimes I just don’t know what to say.  … Continue reading

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