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Americans In China On This American Life

This American Life headed back towards China this week but don’t worry, they’re not talking about the Foxconn factory and iPads–nor are they retracting their retraction. This past week’s episode, “Americans in China,” cover what life is like for ex-pats … Continue reading

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South Korean Activism, Protests On Jejudo, And Christianity

Growing up in the US, and specifically in a Christian community, I recall doing very little in the way of volunteerism, service, or even mission projects (loosely defined as going out and working with another community). It’s ironic since the … Continue reading

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Nate Shinagawa Wins Race For NY’s 23rd Congressional District Democratic Nomination

I’ve been meaning to write about Nate Shinagawa for a while. Now I have a better reason to. Shinagawa is currently a Tompkins County Legislature in upstate New York and just won the Democratic nomination for New York’s 23rd Congressional District … Continue reading

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The Face Of The Asian American

By Jenny Hones In the 1940s, many Asian immigrants from Japan, China, Korea and the Philippines came to United States with the goal to earn enough money for a better life back in the home country. Most never intended to … Continue reading

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Asian American Taxi Drivers: Simultaneously Victims And Perpetrators Of Racism

After the September 11 attacks, Asian American cab drivers, particularly those of South Asian origin, were the victims of racism as some Americans spat upon, cursed, and even stabbed any one they thought was “Middle Eastern.” At the same time, … Continue reading

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Adam WarRock Debuts New Music Video, “This Song”

Nerdcore hip-hop artist Adam WarRock (Eugene Ahn) is back with a brand new (and very first) music video for “This Song.” The new piece marks his two year anniversary of pursuing music full-time, as well as his annual fundraiser to … Continue reading

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MSNBC: Asian Americans Could Swing Outcome in Battleground States

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Last week, Pew Research Center released their study of “The Rise of Asian Americans.” MSNBC did a segment on the report and discuss the importance of the Asian … Continue reading

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Is Asian Immigration Making America Less Religious?

Is Asian Immigration making America less religious? Asian immigration has been the focus of many, many claims to society ills. They include the usual load of “they taking our jobs” or “damn, they soaking our social services”  etc. But funnily … Continue reading

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Priscilla Dang Teaches Groping Teens a Lesson

If you were a stupid teenage boy, what would you do on an afternoon bike ride? Why, grope a jogging girl who’s family owns a martial arts school of course! That’s exactly what a pair of 16 and 18 year … Continue reading

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The College Admissions Game, Part 8: The Interview

One part of the college admissions process that you may encounter is the interview. Some colleges require it, while two out of the three high schools that Number One Son applied to required interviews. Although The Daughter did not have … Continue reading

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Our Jeremy Linspiration

By Sheldon My friend and I were brought together through our common passion of creating and directing videos that will connect to people who have shared our experiences as first-generation Asian Americans. We, like many others, were inspired by the … Continue reading

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30th Anniversary of the Death of Vincent Chin: Standing Up Then and Now

Editor’s Note: is a media sponsor of Vincent Chin 30: Standing Up Then and Now. In 1982, Vincent Chin was the victim of a hate crime murder in Detroit. Thirty years later, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders continue to … Continue reading

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