Our Jeremy Linspiration

By Sheldon

My friend and I were brought together through our common passion of creating and directing videos that will connect to people who have shared our experiences as first-generation Asian Americans. We, like many others, were inspired by the events of Linsanity and grateful for the ways in which Jeremy has paved the way for countless Asian Americans not only in sports, but also in film, music, etc. Jeremy’s impact on how Asian Americans such as myself are treated, viewed and represented in society cannot be overstated nor fully appreciated until years down the road. We hope that this short film is the first of many to come, and will continue the momentum of Linsanity and help to carry it over to the next NBA season.

The characters include Sheldon as the lead, who is an aspiring Asian-American actor in Los Angeles, Brian Ji, a MD/PhD student at Columbia University, and finally the mailman Charlie Kim, an aspiring musician in Los Angeles.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sheldon Zhai is an Asian American actor in Los Angeles.

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