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Toto, we’re not in California anymore

Guest blogger Ted Today was my first ever experience knocking on doors for a political campaign. For those who haven’t heard, I’ve flown out from San Francisco to Arlington, Virginia to make the biggest difference I can in a place … Continue reading

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8Asians Exclusive: Yul Kwon & Dr. Sophia Yen “No on 4 & 8” in California

Yul Kwon at Stanford University (4:35) This noon at Stanford University, Asian American activist, Stanford alum and Survivor winner Yul Kwon and Dr. Sophia Yen, along with John Lewis, were part of a student Stanford rally against California’s Proposition 4 … Continue reading

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Sorry if my title is a little misleading. I thought more people would pay attention to this entry if I had the magical political keywords of the week. Has anyone else caught on to the Japanese fad of the Banana … Continue reading

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The Colbert Report: Yo-Yo Ma Interview & Performance

I always try to watch The Daily Show and occasionally watch The Colbert Report from beginning-to-end. The other day, I was surprised, given the election season, that Stephen Colbert was interviewing the world famous cello master Yo-Yo Ma. Even if … Continue reading

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Want Relief From Knee Pain? Try Tai Chi

Some news announced at the American College of Rheumatology conference this past week in San Francisco showed that tai-chi was beneficial for relieving pain and disability from knee osteoarthritis compared to the control group that stretched and underwent wellness education. … Continue reading

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What is “Marriage Protection”? A Social Conservative’s View on Prop 8

The irony was not lost on any of us when the initiative measure known as Proposition 8, which fundamentally alters the California state constitution, would be titled the “California Marriage Protection Act” (emphasis my own). It might have been titled … Continue reading

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John Cho says NO on Prop 8

Alternate title of post: John Cho, not just a hot/not hot actor with a ginormous head. But in all seriousness, I was moved by his speech on why he, as a young father, opposes Prop 8. Check it out:

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CBS News: the Asian American Vote in Virginia

Watch CBS Videos Online I was taking a look at the Asian Americans for Obama website, and came across their post on the Asian American Vote in Virginia. The news story profiles Asian Americans who support McCain and those who … Continue reading

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In Other Asian People Related News…

Zhenghao Shen, a Chinese college student in Australia, stabbed a friend in the head after an argument broke out while they were playing World of Warcraft (of course). It was told the victim asked Zhenghao to turn down the volume … Continue reading

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CNN: Asian Americans on election

Embedded video from CNN Video The other day, CNN’s Veronica De La Cruz asked Asian American voters what’s on their minds. To be honest, I didn’t see the point of her approach of going down to Chinatown using a Flip … Continue reading

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Young Vietnamese Americans turn away from GOP

Well, just after blogging about The Los Angeles Times writing about Vietnamese Americans leaning more towards Senator John McCain, the San Jose Mercury News reports that “Young Vietnamese Americans turn away from GOP“: “… But more than three decades after … Continue reading

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“Asian American? You may be fatter than you think!”

The headline above is directly quoted from an article at Various organizations have used Body Mass Index (BMI) to draw the lines between categories such as Obese, Overweight, Normal, and Underweight. The World Health Organization defines Normal as 18.5 … Continue reading

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