“Asian American? You may be fatter than you think!”

The headline above is directly quoted from an article at foodarazzi.com. Various organizations have used Body Mass Index (BMI) to draw the lines between categories such as Obese, Overweight, Normal, and Underweight. The World Health Organization defines Normal as 18.5 to 25.

Turns out that Asian Americans should aim for a BMI of 23, not 25. The explanation? Asian Americans are “fatter” at a lower BMI than Caucasian Americans. This translates to an increased risk of diabetes and other health problems at lower weights.

So what does this really mean?

Tweet of the Day - 10-26-2008

Here are my follow up IMs with Ernie:

joz: omg @ your tweet about that thing about asian am bmi
Ernie: i know.
Ernie: it was like being kicked in my very large belly.

God, I love Ernie.

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