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Chinese Railroad Workers Inducted into the U.S. Labor Hall of Honor & Reclaiming Promontory Point

On May 9th, history was made as the Chinese Railroad Workers were inducted into the U.S. Labor Hall of Honor. You can view the entire ceremony on the Department of Labor’s YouTube channel. If you don’t happen to know: “But … Continue reading

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Eric Shinseki Resigns as Secretary of the Veterans Affairs

General Eric Shinseki has just resigned as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. (For the full Obama press conference, click here for the C-SPAN video). If you haven’t been following the news lately, there has been a lot of controversy of veterans … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Toyota Time – Spelling Bee The theme of “Indian kids as spelling bee champions” seems to have a higher profile lately, especially with the recent movie Bad Words.  This Toyota commercial includes an Indian kid showing off his spelling talents.  The father is apparently … Continue reading

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Irwindale Drops Lawsuit Againt Sriracha

Mayor Mark Breceda of Irwindale is stating that the city has dropped the lawsuit against Sriracha after meeting with owner David Tran and two representatives from California’s Governor Jerry Brown and touring the plant. They will be revisiting the situation … Continue reading

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Being Pushed Over the Glass Cliff

Almost everyone’s heard of the glass ceiling, the inability of women and minorities to get promoted to higher levels of the executive ranks due to discrimination. What most probably haven’t heard about is the new “glass cliff”. NPR discussed it … Continue reading

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Stephen Guillermo’s Family Continues to Fight for Justice

This piece was originally published at SFGate and is republished on with permission. By Emil Guillermo Getting his university degree was the most important goal in my cousin Stephen Guillermo’s short life. But on May 3, he earned a … Continue reading

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Anti-Asian Hate Was One of Killer Elliot Rodger’s Motivations

While I had read that misogyny and a sense of entitlement were motivations of Elliot Rodger, the man who killed six people and then himself near Santa Barbara, I didn’t realize that anti-Asian hate was another one until I saw … Continue reading

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Isla Vista Stabbing Victims Were Asian American Males from the Bay Area

Via KGO/ ISLA VISTA, Calif. (KGO) — Authorities have identified the three men found fatally stabbed in the apartment of Elliot Rodger, who police say fatally shot three others in a killing spree that ended with his suicide. The Santa … Continue reading

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Traveling Taiwan: Yeh Liu (part 14 out of 24)

The Yeh Liu Geo Park is basically nature’s sea-erosion sculpture gallery where visitors can witness the strange and sometimes strikingly beautiful shapes that have been carved out of the rock by centuries of ocean waves. My grandparents had taken me … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: “Twins” for Taco Bell’s Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco An Asian guy rarely gets the girl in a TV commercial, but two of them each getting a girl?  And in the same commercial?  And the girls are white too?  Not your typical TV commercial, but although I should … Continue reading

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The White House Initiative on AAPIs – Opening Ceremony for AAPI Heritage Month 2014

As you may know, the month of May is designated as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. With that, The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders kicked off the month on May 6th, hosted by the … Continue reading

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MMA Fighter, Muay Thai Champ Miriam Nakamoto Healing From Knee Injury

@EliteSportsPT @CSAgym @InvictaFights @AMR_Group & the Heel says "Hello Butt! Long time no C" 150° of flexion: CHECK — Miriam Nakamoto (@MiriamNakamoto) March 8, 2014 Last December 2013, female pro-MMA fighter and Muay Thai champion Miriam Nakamoto tore her … Continue reading

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