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Day Laborers, Flood Victims, and the Other One Percent: Illustrating the Gap between Asian American Rich and Poor

Much has been made about Asian American success, with articles pointing to average and median Asian American income being greater than whites, Asian cultural advantages, and incorrect exaggerations about the percentage of Asian American CEOs in Silicon Valley. Much less … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Toyota Time – Spelling Bee

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZTS8BFy0nk The theme of “Indian kids as spelling bee champions” seems to have a higher profile lately, especially with the recent movie Bad Words.  This Toyota commercial includes an Indian kid showing off his spelling talents.  The father is apparently … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Dominate The Motel Business

While one hears much about Asian Americans in tech, an area where Asian Americans dominate the American business world is the motel industry, where over half all U.S.  motels are owned by Asian Americans and the majority of those are … Continue reading

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Indian Americans taking a hit during the Recession

Of the many people affected by the recession, some not typically thought about are Indian Americans.   Just a few years ago, Indian Americans were lauded for their success in the hotel and motel industry, owning 43% of all hotels and … Continue reading

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