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The Era Of Japanese American Gardeners Coming To A Close

The Japanese gardener–once a fixture in American culture–is slowly dying away with the passing generations. The LA Times recently profiled the cultural phenomenon spurred by Japanese American families taking over the horticultural industry after World War II:  “At one time … Continue reading

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8Asians Chats With…Blush [Exclusive Skype Interview]

Blush, formed in 2010 via an Asia-wide talent search, comprises of 5 girls from 5 different Asian countries. Already with a list of solid Billboard Dance Chart toppers such as “Undivided” and “Dance On.” Their latest track “Miss Out” is … Continue reading

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Help Fund STRIKE, Bill Fong’s Quest to Bowl a 900 Series, On Kickstarter

Oh Asians. It’s not good enough to score a perfect 300, the highest score you can get in a bowling game. But Bill Fong, a happy-go-lucky bowler on the Lucky 8 bowling team in Plano, Texas is trying to prepare … Continue reading

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The Stoker Trailer Brings Park Chan-wook’s Eerie English Language Debut

Without a doubt, Park Chan-wook definitely knows how to tell a good story via stunning and shocking visuals and not just make it look like revenge porn (see Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance). His signature … Continue reading

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The Real Bodies Manifesto: Finding Each Other

A note from Thick Dumpling Skin’s co-founder, Lisa Lee: Almost a year ago, Retrofit Republic’s Community Heroes Lookbook landed on my radar. I drooled over this lookbook at my desk, and almost died of happiness that they used real people … Continue reading

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Having an Asian Moment: Hana Mae Lee in ‘Pitch Perfect’

After watching the very first trailer for Pitch Perfect, I’ll admit, I immediately wrote it off as another irritating derivation of Glee. Even though it stars my beloved Anna Kendrick, I couldn’t wrap my head around this movie about university-level … Continue reading

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2012 National Asian American Survey Results

On Tuesday, the 2012 National Asian American Survey (NAAS) results were released (coincidentally on National Voter Registration Day). NAAS is a scientific and nonpartisan effort to poll the opinions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The survey included over 3,300 … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in Indonesia: The “Innoncence of Muslims” Edition

“I’m American, and I’m sorry” is my usual way of introducing myself to people when they hear my accent and get puzzled by its New England droll with Southerner slang coming from an Asian face. This was how I have … Continue reading

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8Asians At The DNC: Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) DNC Caucus

As I had blogged previously, I took a red eye from San Francisco to Charlotte, North Carolina and arrived on Tuesday, September 4th in the morning for Day 1 of the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC). On Monday day, the … Continue reading

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Obama 44 Shirt, Wait 4-4?

I was in the middle of a nice conversation on Facebook when this shirt popped up on my newsfeed. Yes, Obama is our 44th president. Yes, this hip and snazzy shirt was made available 44 days before election day. A … Continue reading

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Help Find Amber Viado, Missing Since September 16, 2012

EDITOR’S UPDATE: According to the San Jose Police Department and the Amber Viado Missing Facebook page, Amber was found safe on 9/24/2012. No other details are available. –Joz My sons asked me if I had heard about the missing Presentation … Continue reading

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Does Your Asian Mom Vote?

I vote. My Mom votes. Do you vote? Does your Mom? As you may know, Asian Americans are one of the least likely to register to vote as well as to actually cast a ballot, going against the grain for … Continue reading

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