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8Books Review: Mika in Real Life by Emiko Jean

Mika Suzuki is standing in a Target of all places when she gets a phone call that will change her life in Emiko Jean’s heartwarming new novel, Mika in Real Life. Sixteen years earlier, Mika had given up a baby … Continue reading

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Gonzaga Basketball Players Kayleigh and Kaylynne Truong land Endorsement Deals and fight Stereotypes

Before reading this article about Gonzaga Basketball Players Kayleigh and Kaylynne Truong, I had no idea about any Asian American women college basketball players, much less any who were Division I players much less twins. I also didn’t know about … Continue reading

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Pandemic Generates Discrimination against Asian American AirBnB Hosts

A recent study from from Harvard Business School concludes that the pandemic generated a 12% reduction in bookings for AirBnb hosts with distinctly Asian names compared to those with distinctly White names.  While the pandemic negatively affected all AirBnb hosts, … Continue reading

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Representatives Judy Chu & Grace Meng of ASPIRE PAC Visit SF

A few weeks ago, I had learned of a fundraiser in San Francisco for the ASPIRE PAC , which I had not heard of before: ASPIRE PAC is the political arm of Asian American and Pacific Islander Members of Congress. … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday movie gets Jo koy the key to Daly City

Jo Koy’s upcoming movie “Easter Sunday” has earned him the key to Daly City in a ceremony on July 22, 2022. The Bay Area city known for its large Filipino American population is the setting for the movie. Easter Sunday … Continue reading

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2022 Asian American Voter Survey (AAVS) Findings

Since I cover politics as my particular niche for 8Asians, I’m always interested when the latest Asian American Voter Survey comes out. Thus I was eager to see this years would say, as the latest survey was released recently. Here … Continue reading

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