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Lydia’s Funeral Video: Samantha Chanse’s one-woman show

She’ll probably kill me for posting this, but what the hell: Sam Chanse is a not-so-frequent poster to 8Asians. That being said, she single-handedly has the best reason for not having time to write or do pretty much anything: She’s … Continue reading

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Kaba Modern on America’s Best Dance Crew

One of the things I’ve always admired about SoCal schools were their hip-hop dance crews. The closest thing I ever came to one was dancing in the hip-hop suite during the UC Davis Filipino Cultural Night. There were fifty of … Continue reading

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Paging Dr. Miracles…

Here’s an internet comedy series from LA based comedian Randall Park (member of MTV’s Wild’n Out) called “Dr. Miracles” about a doctor with certain life saving abilities in his.. um… “DNA”, let us say. This series literally had me spitting … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about sex

The other day, I made a post on my personal blog that garnered a lot of (private) comments. I got a bunch of comments via IM and email, but just a few public comments. Here’s an excerpt… I was having … Continue reading

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How To Properly Eat Sushi

New to sushi? Want to make sure you eat it properly? Watch this. In case you didn’t get it, this is comedy. Japanese comedy at its best. It was created by the Japanese comedy troupe The Rahmens. (Get it? The … Continue reading

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Who is Asia Cruise? A Pretty Good Pop/R&B artist, actually

The relatively anonymous illadub sent me an e-mail telling me about Asia Cruise, a multi-ethnic [Asian, Native American, White] Jacksonville Pop/R&B artist signed onto Jive Records. The way she was marketed was interesting – her music was leaked first onto … Continue reading

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Cashmere Mafia … this is … different …

‘And this is when my mom kicked me under the table when I mouthed off to my dad.’ Jack Yang and Lucy Liu show each other’s war wounds in Cashmere Mafia. Last nights IM conversation with Will-W. willw: omg cashmere … Continue reading

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The Amazing Race Finale – Ronald & Christina

Sunday night was the finale for the 12th season of The Amazing Race. I had blogged about the Chinese-American father-daughter team of Ronald and Christina at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, Ronald and Christina came in second place, although … Continue reading

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Yul Kwon Actually Fails at Something (Opening a Yogurt Shop)

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think was a blog about Yul Kwon. Winner of Survivor this, possibly running for Government that. Between all that and his refined jaw line, is there anything Yul Kwon CAN’T do? Open … Continue reading

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  No one can argue that India is the outsourcing capital of the world.  Unfortunately, the newest “service” to be outsourced raises some pretty prickly moral and ethical issues.  The first time I heard about Indian women renting out their wombs as surrogate mothers to wealthy … Continue reading

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Nankai students standing together

Tiananmen Square all over again? Not quite. But after a bicyclist going the same direction as a vehicle collided, the driver demanded not only an apology but also payment including insulting the bicyclist. After having a few choice words and … Continue reading

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Japan’s Best Sellers Go Cellular

In today’s New York Times, the newspaper goes on to report that “Japan’s Best Sellers Go Cellular“: “…Then last month, the year-end best-seller tally showed that cellphone novels, republished in book form, have not only infiltrated the mainstream but have … Continue reading

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