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Video Blog: Where You From?

[EDITORS NOTE: As we here at 8Asians are always down to try new things, we’re experimenting with a regular video column. Today, our very own “velvety voiced” contributor Brian answers on video the question other bloggers on this site have … Continue reading

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DramaFever – Asian Television Dramas (and more!)

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend the launch party for DramaFever, a new online video start-up focusing on fully licensed Asian dramas.  In their own words: DramaFever will be starting off with over 50 Korean Dramas, adding Chinese and … Continue reading

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2-D Love: Otaku Culture

Forget sex dolls… how about sex pillows?  The New York Times Sunday Magazine ran this article about a “…thriving subculture of men and women in Japan who indulge in real relationships with imaginary characters. These 2-D lovers, as they are … Continue reading

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Jammin’ Asians in NYC

Desperate cheap self-promotion alert: If any of you are in the New York City area next week, come check out the Jammin’ Asian show on Tuesday February 10th, 8:00 pm.  It’s a spoken word, live music and stand-up comedy variety … Continue reading

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Dragon Ball Z – The Movie

I always KNEW Dragon Ball Z was white! And now I can prove it! More pics at the Dragonball: The Movie blog. (Extra emphasis on the douche-chill-inducing Chow Yun Fat picture…) This just in: the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics The … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Flush!

I’ve always considered Flushing, Queens a second home.  My parents have been working there about twenty five years, taking me along since before I started grade school.  Hard to imagine that, what’s now considered the second largest Chinatown in the … Continue reading

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Esther Ku: Last Comic Standing

I don’t watch Last Coming Standing, but someone brought this to my attention and now she’s been drawing particular ire b/c of Esther Ku‘s “…Asian women are out of Asian men’s league” joke.  I have to defend her on this, … Continue reading

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The Study of Koko

I just finished reading Kokology by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito. [From Amazon: Created by a famous Japanese psychologist, Kokology (koh-KOL-oh-jee) is the study of kokoro (“mind” or “spirit” in Japanese). Based on sound psychological principles, Kokology asks you to … Continue reading

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Take Out Your Clock

Here’s an old bit from the Howard Stern show.  Staff member Sal Governale calls up a Chinese clock repair shop and hijinks ensues!  If you don’t laugh at this you have no soul and I invite you to take a … Continue reading

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Ponyo on the Cliff: Pony-up, yo!

I can’t make heads or tails of this.  I guess Studio Ghibli fans will rejoice.  (I think) the official name is Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.  Is this good?  Bad?  Ugly?  Hiyao Miyazaki is good stuff (ever since … Continue reading

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Akira’s Hip Hop Shop: Blapanese and Jack

I’m intrigued about this movie (and slightly pissed I didn’t hear about it till now, being that I was out in LA for over a year and there was a screening during that time.  Nothing foreseeable out East, however).  One … Continue reading

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Shock-us Sulu!

Here’s the great George Takei (“That’s Tah-Kay… rhymes with OK“) on Conan O’Brien last night. The highlight @ 2:50… Banana Oil! I’ve been a dedicated diehard loyally psychopathic Howard Stern fan dating back to my 13th birthday. It wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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