Akira’s Hip Hop Shop: Blapanese and Jack

I’m intrigued about this movie (and slightly pissed I didn’t hear about it till now, being that I was out in LA for over a year and there was a screening during that time.  Nothing foreseeable out East, however).  One line in particular that stands out from the trailer, the useless guy from Heroes with no powers says, “You love every Japanese girl you meet, I can’t like one Black girl…?” Ain’t that the truth?  I’ve been in that situation before (Black women, not Japanese men… then again there was that time I may have noticed a slight Adam’s apple… nevermind…) and I’m dying to see what dynamic this movie captures between the leads.

(And for you super nerds)  In honor of Battlestar Galactica’s kick ass mid season finale: More after the JUUUUUMMMP!

Here’s a Q&A session with director Joseph Doughrity from a screening @ the Univ. of Michigan.

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