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8Asians is a collaborative online publication that features original, diverse commentary by Asians from around the world on issues that affect our community.

8Asians is a collaborative blog of Asian Americans and Asian Canadians. But once you look past the fact that we fill out the same bubble in a census survey, you’ll see that we don’t have much in common, and as you’ll soon see, that’s not such a bad thing. We’ll be posting about whatever Asian issues are currently relevant in our lives, whether it be pop culture or current events or politics.

The blog started on Christmas Eve 2006 by Ernie Hsiung with eight writers. As time went on, more writers have been brought into the fold. We would call it 15Asians, but let’s be honest, that would be a lot of domain name purchases. The 8 in 8Asians now reflects the spirit of community on this blog. And it’s a feng shui number. And it reflects the laziness of the owner. The blog is now managed by Joz Wang.

Interested in writing for us? We’re always looking for writers that can talk about the Asian American experience, or just your experience period, and how it relates to you, the Asian American. Read more about becoming a writer!

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