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Fun with Chinese Characters

I think it’s awesome how Asian characters have gotten so trendy in America. People will get tattoos and t-shirts with Asian characters, with nary an inkling of the character’s meaning. In this photo, the character on this girl’s shirt is … Continue reading

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Boyz II Men makes it on the road (in Asia)

Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD…mmmmm hhhhmm… I loved Boyz II Men back in the early 90’s. I mean as soon as they sported the blue denim shirts and ties, I was all over it. “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” … Continue reading

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Meet the newest star of Heroes… SULU?

That’s right, George Takei, everyones favorite gay Asian-American actor from the original Star Trek series has recently been cast on NBC’s X-Men clone original science fiction drama Heroes as the father of one of the characters. But before you dismiss … Continue reading

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Princeton Parody Raises Questions of Bias

So I just read this article in The New York Times, At Princeton, a Parody Raises Questions of [Asian-American] Bias, where essentially the article discuss the issue: “While Asian-Americans account for 5 percent of the population in the United States, … Continue reading

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Rocky Got Sued

Did you hear that Rocky got sued? No, not “Yo, Adrienne!” Rocky. (He’s busy building hurtin’ bombs, I hear.) I mean Rocky Bru, the blog written by Ahirudin bin Attan, a Malaysian journalist. On January 11th, a suit was filed … Continue reading

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Big Brother and the Flip Side of Racism

In light of the current brouhaha going on in Britain with many people crying for Channel 4 to draw blood from the racist ignormai and apathetic contestants of Celebrity Big Brother (UK), there was a beacon of a well thought … Continue reading

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War Hero Faces Court Martial and Prison

Who is Ehren Watada? He is a twenty-eight year old Japanese-American army lieutenant on the brink of facing court martial and prison for refusing to fight in the Iraq war, calling it illegal. He enlisted in the Army as an … Continue reading

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The “What Ifs” of James Kim

I was riveted to the story of the Kim family’s disappearance in the Oregon wilderness (James, Kati, and their two daughters) over Thanksgiving weekend. Slowly, the questions moved from “Where are they?” to “Where is James?” to “What happened?” to … Continue reading

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Stanford to Santa Rosa

Where is Mengyao “May” Zhou? That was the question asked earlier today, when authorities searched for a 23 year-old electrical engineering Ph.D. student from Stanford. Her father put up a reward, her friends and acquaintances wondered aloud, and then… Her … Continue reading

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Thoughts in Cyberspace

This past Sunday a South Korean pop singer/ actress named U;Nee (유니) was found hanging from the doorframe of her apartment by her grandmother in an apparent suicide. She was 26, my sister’s age. I knew nothing about this girl. … Continue reading

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Filipinos most sedentary, WTF?

According to a study conducted in Irvine, CA, Filipinos are most sedentary among Asian Pacific Americans. The article states that 76.3% of Filipinos interviewed reported very little to no physical activity. And the other fact noted is that Filipino men … Continue reading

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Losing Isaiah, the Chinese version

Well, not exactly Losing Isaiah, since a crack-addled Halle Berry isn’t directly involved, but you get the gist: the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled today that a 7-year-old girl raised by an American couple since infancy must be returned to her … Continue reading

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