Fun with Chinese Characters

I think it’s awesome how Asian characters have gotten so trendy in America. People will get tattoos and t-shirts with Asian characters, with nary an inkling of the character’s meaning.

In this photo, the character on this girl’s shirt is “chicken.” The character is also slang for “whore.” I’ll bet the ears of many an Asian American will perk up when they see her walking around.

Even better is this tattoo from a guy named “Chuck.” He tried to get his daughter’s initials in Chinese. Sadly, such was not the case. The characters on his arm translated to “stop woman flow.”

And sure, maybe he really doesn’t want his daughter to menstruate. Maybe this tattoo was totally intentional.

At least non-English speaking Asians don’t go out and get English tattoos or t-shirts without knowing the language. Thank goodness that never happens!

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