Shinkansen trains rollout in China

train.jpgAhh, if you’ve ever had the chance to travel to Japan, and take a Shinkansen train, you’ll know what it feels like to be Superman traveling like a speeding bullet. It’s amazing to see them burst through a station it’s not designated to stop in. You watch the motion blur, and feel the wind rush past. And when you view the countryside at speeds of 150 mph, in the comfort and silence of a bullet train, your mind culls the beauty of fields and pastures, small towns and country life, similar to the impressionistic brush strokes of Monet or Van Gogh.

Well now these experiences will no longer be for those who travel too Japan. China recently launched these new trains on their lines.

High-speed trains modeled after the sophisticated Hayate East Japan Railway Co. bullet train made debut runs on Chinese rails Sunday.

Now if only Caltrains had the Shinkansen line en route from San Francisco to Sunnyvale. I’d definitely save the environment and the carpool lanes, to enjoy moments reminiscing travel by rail. It would also be super cool if they served the bento boxes that warmed up once you pulled the string. Oh that, and the automatic doors which opened when you used the fancy restrooms. Damn it, come to think of it I should just move to Japan or China.

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