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AirTalk on KPCC: Are we too easily offended by Halloween costumes?

Halloween is a time for candy and costumes. It’s also a time for us to talk about when someone’s costume has crossed the line. (See Moye’s timeless posts about offensive Halloween costumes and her ever-popular suggestions for costumes for Asian … Continue reading

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Cross Country: An Ideal Asian American Youth Sport?

While I have seen many heavily Asian American teams at high school cross country meets, one thing that I have recently began to notice is that increasingly, some of the winners are Asian Americans.   After seeing this interview with runner … Continue reading

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In Search of Asian American Female MMA Fighters: Michelle Waterson I’ve only recently become obsessed with female MMA fighters, so I decided to embark on a search for Asian American female MMA fighters. In my search, I found Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson. My first impression when I saw all … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Snickers Halloween Satisfaction – “Horseless Headman” With Halloween here, and it’s no surprise that Snickers is advertising. I thought the boy made a good looking Dracula. Personally, I’m thinking of dressing up as Breaking Bad’s Walter White in a yellow hazmat suit…

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Olympic Wrestler Clarissa Chun on PBS Hawaii

During the 2012 Olympics, I read Jeff’s post about Asian Americans that were competing, and I immediately zoomed in on Clarissa Chun and became a huge fan of hers and totally rooted for her as she won the bronze. She … Continue reading

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Chinese Buyers Purchasing “Bargain” Million Dollar Bay Area Homes

When this article about Asian buyers making cash offers on million plus dollar Bay Area homes circulated on the internal 8asians mailing list, one of our writers lamented that  Chinese investors making cash offers were frustrating her home purchase efforts, … Continue reading

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ZTE Official Smartphone of the Houston Rockets

Recently, ZTE the world’s 4th largest smartphone OEM, announced that it was making ZTE the official smartphone of the Houston Rockets for the 2013-14 NBA season: “As part of the partnership, ZTE will have an opportunity to engage directly with … Continue reading

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Anime Review: Blue Exorcist

Sometimes Euro-centric anime can get pretty annoying to me, since I generally am not a fan of European art, architecture, or designs. Plus, Asian Europhilia unfortunately smells too much like rotting colonial imperialism leftovers. So when I see an anime … Continue reading

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Houston Rockets & Jeremy Lin’s Pre-Season Games in the Phillippines and Taiwan

Out of all the professional sports in the United States, I think it is safe to say that the NBA is probably the most popular internationally. I mean, it’s not like a lot of other countries have professional teams in … Continue reading

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First Annual LA Sriracha Festival About time. I love sriracha, but not as much as most people I know, and certainly not as much as the guy in the video above. On ice cream? Seriously? Anyways, the festival is brought to you by the … Continue reading

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Finding Space with API Equality-LA: Q&A Space is a Coming Out Resource for API LGBTs

By Shelly Chen During my 2nd year of college, an organization called API Equality-LA came to my school to conduct a training. They were advocates of LGBT rights in Asian and Pacific Islander communities, and I remember being simultaneously intrigued … Continue reading

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Reverse Racism in Taiwan

By Lianne Lin I lived in Taiwan (Taipei and Taichung) for three years, and though I had an amazing time, I experienced a more harmful type of racism there than I ever have in my home country.  Born and raised … Continue reading

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