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Non Je Ne Regrette Rien: So Long, So Long, So Long

[The following is an unpublished epilogue to Johnny C’s Asian America in 2013 series. He was originally planning to leave 8asians on a high note after finishing the series, but we persuaded him to stay a little while longer. Some … Continue reading

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Totally Biased: Kevin Kataoka: Asian Evasion Here’s a topic we’ve never covered at 8Asians before: movies with Asian subject matter – that never star an Asian. Oh wait, my bad, we cover it all the time. Anyway, another good take on this never-ending topic, from … Continue reading

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Maria Kang: No Excuses for the Average “What’s Your Excuse?” “Me, I have none.” I consider myself very average, perhaps just a tad below in terms of overall lifestyle. I’m not particularly ambitious and relatively healthy with a few lifestyle adjustments to cope with inherited medical … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: AT&T Mobile Share For Business Wow, I think this is the first time I’ve seen two Asian American non-related men in a commercial. Of course, one of those men is perennial favorite Randall Park, who is a frequently seen in a wide range of … Continue reading

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Anime Review: Time of Eve

Ever since my first Terminator movie in the 80s, I’ve always loved movies, books, TV shows, and, of course, even anime about robots. So when I discovered this anime, Time of Eve, on Crunchyroll, it immediately caught my interest. The … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Pacific Life’s “Leave a Legacy”

“A mother reflects on the legacy that her father left her – a life lesson on setting goals and then making smart choices.” Caught this commercial the other night. It is interesting to see more and more television commercials by … Continue reading

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Pacific Islander Students struggle under the AAPI umbrella

The umbrella term AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) is a broad one that catches many under the model minority stereotype that comes with it, even while some, like many Pacific Islanders, are struggling for success.  Pacific Islanders (PI), those people … Continue reading

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Model and Former Pageant Queen Maria Kang’s Controversial Fitness Photo and Message

The Hubby disagrees with me on this point, but of course he does. After all, he is a straight man with a pulse. Men everywhere are rushing to defend a [super hot and sexy] damsel in distress. Women, on the … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Chef Ming Tsai & Aero Knife

I caught this the other night on cable with celebrity chef Ming Tsai promoting the aero knife in a “infomercial” inspired commercial. I was kind of surprised to see Tsai in this kind of commercial, and surprised he doesn’t have … Continue reading

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7.2 Earthquake in Philippines Collapses Belfry Tower

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday in the Philippines caused the belfry tower of the Santo Nino Church in the city of Cebu. Founded in the 16th century, Sto. Nino is the oldest church in the entire country.

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Asian American Subsistence Fishing in Southern California

On a business trip to Southern California, I visited the Daughter, and together we saw this sign about contaminated fish on the Manhattan Beach Pier.  It caught my eye that you shouldn’t eat barracuda (you can catch barracuda off of … Continue reading

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Japanese Snail Salon I used to play with garden snails all the time as a kid, collecting them, feeding them, and racing them. They are the cutest little things. But letting them crawl across my face as an anti-aging salon treatment? Um, … Continue reading

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