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“Zen Shaolin”, a Chinese theatrical extravaganza in the Hunan Province

I just found out about an extravagant show “Zen Shaolin” that is being performed among the mountains of the Hunan Province in China that looks amazing. With its cast of 500 performers (wow!), locals and “city” performers, Shaolin Buddhist monks, … Continue reading

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Questions for Bobby Jindal

This week is the Republican National Convention, but given the conditions of Hurricane Gustav, it is questionable whether or not Governor of Louisiana, Indian-American Bobby Jindal, will speak. However, the New York Times does a brief Q&A with Jindal in … Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert Looking for an “Asian Guy.” I’m asking – where are the Asians as well?

On Friday’s special episode of The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert was reviewing the Democratic National Convention and Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday and noted the diversity of people on the stage with Obama once his speech was over – … Continue reading

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I want to be wasian!

A few nights ago, I noticed the Daughter watching the latest Cheetah Girls movie from Disney. The movie made me remember the time she shouted in teenage frustration, “I want to be WASIAN!” I thought again about this outburst when … Continue reading

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Barack Obama is a Metaphor…

“Love is a red red Rose” Metaphors are wonderful for the fact that it attempts to explain the deepest and most profound theories & ideas in a few simple words. The fact that a rose has thorns, its beautiful fragrance … Continue reading

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Baldwin Yen, Asian American veteran profiled in video tribute

You’re probably not like me and didn’t watch the third day of the Democratic National Convention on television this evening, with some terrific speeches by Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, to name a few. Well, this evening, there was also … Continue reading

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LPGA policy for speaking English in 2009

I’m not so sure I’m in disagreement with this new 2009 policy on all golfers requiring to speak English at all. Apparently there are many foreign players in the LPGA; it just happens that forty five of those are from … Continue reading

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Democratic National Convention: John Chiang & Mike Honda

Video of speech (Microsoft Silverlight required) Tuesday was the second day of the Democratic National Convention, being held in Denver, Colorado. The highlight for the evening for most was Hillary Clinton’s speech, but for me, I was overjoyed to see … Continue reading

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ImageGeisha: Is This Any Different from Mister Wong?

File another one in the “European companies with unfortunate branding” bin: My former co-worker Rabble pointed me to an image manipulation platform which does live previews of Word Documents, PDFs and MP3s on the web from Austrian company wollzelle. Called … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts on the 2008 Beijing Olympics & China

Source: The New York Times Well, after 2+ weeks of staying up late, the 2008 Beijing Olympics concluded this past evening with the Closing Ceremonies (all in glorious High Definition!). My only regret is that I didn’t make plans in … Continue reading

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The 2008 Olympics: One World, Countless Nightmares

Okay, so what’s the real count during these 08 Olympics? I’m not talking about the medal race between China & the US, or how many golds Michael Phelps has rack up. I’m talking about the count of human rights violations. … Continue reading

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Anime Failing in the U.S. as Fan Base Increases

In the airport yesterday, I grabbed a copy of Future Anime. Amusingly, there was an Editor’s Note on the state of anime since mid-2006 and how downloads have been hurting the industry as the progression of broadband has changed the … Continue reading

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