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Perspectives on Colorism: Vietnamese American and African American Viewpoints

I was hosting a group of customers from Latin America, and one of them got separate from our group.  I asked what he looked like, and the response was that he was a dark-skinned guy.  I was surprised by the … Continue reading

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Some Skin Whitening Creams Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Colorism, the bias that whiter skin is better, manifests itself in sales of skin whitening creams.  This video from CNN shows how these creams are marketed to both male and female Indians.   Filipinos are also plagued with colorism and are … Continue reading

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I want to be wasian!

A few nights ago, I noticed the Daughter watching the latest Cheetah Girls movie from Disney. The movie made me remember the time she shouted in teenage frustration, “I want to be WASIAN!” I thought again about this outburst when … Continue reading

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