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Masi Oka gets smart at the Apple San Francisco store

I just read about Masi Oka in Angry Asian Man, which was on a piece in The San Francisco Chronicle’s “Tech Cronicles, “Masi Oka gets smart at the Apple store“: “Masi Oka, who you may know from the hit NBC … Continue reading

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Ponyo on the Cliff: Pony-up, yo!

I can’t make heads or tails of this.  I guess Studio Ghibli fans will rejoice.  (I think) the official name is Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.  Is this good?  Bad?  Ugly?  Hiyao Miyazaki is good stuff (ever since … Continue reading

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Videogames in the classroom? Only in Japan!

Would anybody be surprised to learn that a school in Japan is using the Nintendo DS as part of their English language curriculum? Not me. But I can hear the nerds around the country sighing with jealousy over another reason … Continue reading

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“Vincent Who?” – Remembering the Historic Importance of the Vincent Chin Case of 26 Years Ago

Twenty-six years ago this week, Vincent Chin was beaten by two unemployed white auto workers mistaking Chin for a Japanese (as if that would make things right). I had written about Vincent Chin twice – once last year around this … Continue reading

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Christy Wong: Being Chinese American and embracing the ‘Twinkie’

Have you heard of the term ‘Twinkie’? (And I’m NOT talking about Hostess’ Twinkies – like how when I talk about The Love Boat, I’m not talking about TV show!) I can’t exactly remember when I first heard the term, … Continue reading

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Bush To Filipino President: “I Am Reminded Of The Great Talent Of … Philippine-Americans When I Eat Dinner At The White House”

In yet a grand statement to the quality of sensitivity and intelligence that G.W. Bush is so well known for, I’ve come across this splendid piece from the Huffington Post that expresses his feelings towards the Philippines and Filipino-Americans. This … Continue reading

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If takeout Chinese food were like gas prices today

American Chinese take-out is a luxury that most of us have had the chance to try. In fact it’s what most Americans look towards as a fun little night out. But no more! Yes, Chinese takeout places around the nation … Continue reading

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Predictably Irrational – Asian American women & mathematics

This past weekend, I finished reading the book, “Predictably Irrational – The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions,” by behavioral economist and author Dan Ariely, which I found to be quite interesting and educational and an easy and enjoyable read … Continue reading

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Random Poll: Do you pronounce your last name the way it’s spelled or the way it’s supposed to sound?

I started writing this post last October but never finished it. I’m finally digging it out of drafts… After my Random Rant regarding the mispronunciation of the word “karaoke,” a couple of commenters brought up the topic of people “mispronouncing” … Continue reading

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At California’s Asian fish markets, freshness is everything

I remember when I was a kid, visiting Chinatown in Boston whenever my family would visit my aunt, uncle and cousins who lived in the area. My mother would do some shopping at a Chinese grocery store before we would … Continue reading

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Akira’s Hip Hop Shop: Blapanese and Jack

I’m intrigued about this movie (and slightly pissed I didn’t hear about it till now, being that I was out in LA for over a year and there was a screening during that time.  Nothing foreseeable out East, however).  One … Continue reading

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June 24th: ABC: “I Survived a Japanese Game Show”

I’ve been seeing on ABC a few commercials for an upcoming reality TV show called, “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” “I Survived A Japanese Game Show has begun shooting in Japan and will premiere TUESDAY, JUNE 24 (9:00-10:00 p.m. … Continue reading

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