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EW: Diversity in Entertainment: Why Is TV So White?

Click to expand. Source: Entertainment Weekly – Network breakdowns include only cast regulars (as of June 6, 2008) for scripted series airing in fall 2008. I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and in this past week’s issue, they had the story, … Continue reading

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Let me show you my pet monkey…

UPDATE: My brother informs me I have some details wrong in my monkey story, so I am editing for further accuracy. — I have quite a few Taiwanese blogs showing up in my RSS reader and every so often a … Continue reading

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Gay Interracial Relationships: On Being “Sticky Rice” and Loving Other Asian Men

So Jeff Yang up and did it — he talked about interracial relationships among Asians, but added a twist and focused on straight Asian men. And while it’s all well and good, and talks about on a really peripheral level … Continue reading

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“Bruce Lee” the Musical

When I heard that a Broadway musical based on Bruce Lee’s life was being created, I thought it was just a bad idea (similar to a deranged barber going on a murderous, revengful spree…a musical about the 4 seasons…Xanadu…need I … Continue reading

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Karate vs. Tae Kwon Do

I need help. I have zero experience in martial arts. Any kind of martial arts. I’m sure there’s ninja blood in me somewhere (cause what other perks of being Japanese are there?) but really, I’m like the least balanced, least … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Amy Winehouse

Dear Amy, I’ve always prided myself on being a fan of yours; my ex got me listening to your first album Frank when you weren’t anorexic and you didn’t have any tattoos or freaky beehive hairdos. When I learned you … Continue reading

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In Japan, even the bugs are bad ass.

Over at, they like to do these lists. Lo and behold their recent list: The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World While 4 of the 5 most horrifying bugs in the world are found in South or Central … Continue reading

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Obama says Asians are short…

“Obviously there are a lot of folk from Asian ancestry in Hawaii, generally the teams aren’t as tall…” — Barack Obama The quote begins at the 3:00 mark Personally I don’t find this quote offensive at all. Despite the fact … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the shifting boundaries of race and identity

“What are you?” I’m sure every Asian-American has been asked that question at least once in their lifetime.  A question asked innocently by a (presumably) well-intentioned colleague, acquaintance, or even stranger.  In the mind of the asker, the question seems … Continue reading

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POP 88 #20 – Special Metal Show

Special thanks to Sam Dunn and Scot McFayden for taking the time to speak with me about their upcoming documentary, GLOBAL METAL. GLOBAL METAL is the sequel to the successful documentary METAL: A Headbanger’s Journey about the evolution of Heavy … Continue reading

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“Uguisu no Fun” sounds like no fun, for realz

I admit it. I am concerned about my looks since I’m losing them so rapidly as I age. (sigh) Although I’m not as vain as some others are, I will admit that I don’t like looking in the mirror and … Continue reading

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Howard Dean & the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community in San Jose

Click on image to enlarge. I had the great honor of attending, by invitation only, a “Dialogue with the Democratic National Committee (DNC)” with the Chairman, Howard Dean, along with Rep. Mike Honda, U.S. House of Representatives, California 15th District … Continue reading

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