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Winners of the Sucker Punch Journey Ultimate Prize Giveaway!

Earlier this week, we wrapped our Sucker Punch Journey giveaway and now we’re excited to announce the two winners of the Ultimate Journey prize pack: Yelloboi and Evic. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to those who won!

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APA Spotlight: Doris Truong, President, Asian American Journalists Association

APA Spotlight is a weekly interview of Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) community leaders. It is a spotlight on individuals who have dedicated their careers to issues surrounding the APIA community with the goal of bringing much deserved recognition to … Continue reading

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Chinese Anchor Baby & Maternity Tourist Industry Come To Light

I wasn’t born in the United States, but came here the way most Asian immigrants did in the late sixties and early seventies. We were part of the official pool of immigrants that the U.S. government let emigrate to the … Continue reading

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8Questions with Ken Gushi, Formula DRIFT Driver

Ken Gushi is more than just one of the nation’s top competitive drifters. An Okinawa native who was raised in Southern California, Ken is also became the youngest drivers in the Formula DRIFT championships by the time he turned 16. … Continue reading

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Simon Cowell’s X Factor Specifically Looking for Asian American Talent

X Factor, the UK show that launched Leona Lewis and the reason Simon Cowell quit American Idol, is coming to the United States, and the producers — perhaps being a little freaked out by the lack of decent APA talent … Continue reading

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When Being Half Asian Isn’t Asian Enough

Having a 5 year old daughter of mixed race (Chinese and Caucasian), I’ve often worried she wouldn’t be accepted as Chinese by other Chinese or Caucasian by Caucasians, and living in some in-between land. So far we’ve been lucky; there’s … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Need to be Consistent With Hollywood Protests

Do you really want Asians cast in Hollywood roles? Yes. My qualm about it? It doesn’t seem consistent. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon with movies that did terrible at the box office. There are multiple sites dedicated to … Continue reading

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BBC Points Out Unusual Filipino Names are Unusual

Leave it to a well respected media entity like the BBC to devote a whole article to the wacky names Filipinos have. Being the token Intsik in my group of Pinoy friends, I’ve had opportunities to meet plenty of old … Continue reading

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A Guide To A Buddhist/Chinese/American Funeral

Author’s Note: I wrote the following blog post after my mom passed away in 2009. It continues to be one of the more frequently visited articles on my personal blog, and one that I thought deserved a broader audience here … Continue reading

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L.A. Ticket Giveaway: Formula D’s Streets of Long Beach Tickets

Fans of cars, racing and drifting–listen up because we’ve got one hell of a prize for you. 8Asians is giving away one pair of tickets to Formula DRIFT’s Streets of Long Beach taking place on April 8th and 9th, 2011. … Continue reading

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“Hentai” Added To Oxford English Dictionary

Congratulations, hentai! You’ve finally made it: you’ve officially been added to the Oxford English Dictionary to help parents understand what exactly their teenage kids are searching for on Google. You know, that quest so many mothers and fathers find themselves … Continue reading

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Heal Japan PSA from Steez360

My friend Tracy Nguyen-Chung of Steez360 put together this amazing PSA featuring an incredible number of folks to help raise funds for the Japanese tsunami relief. The folks at Steez360 created this dope Heal JPN t-shirt and all proceeds will … Continue reading

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