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Asian American Medical Hazard: South Asian Heart Disease

Silicon Valley resident Mahendra Agrawal exercised regularly, maintained a health weight, and followed a vegetarian diet.  When he went to the hospital with shortness of breath, doctors found that the 63 year old had obstructed coronary arteries.  His reaction: “I’m … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Men’s Wearhouse – BLACK by Vera Wang

According to Men’s Wearhouse’s YouTube channel, their commercial starring Vera Wang about her first collection of formal wear for me has been around (or at least hosted on YouTube) since March 2015 – but I just caught this it on … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Snickers Crisper – “Internship”

https://youtu.be/ldqhTv01t8w I caught this Snickers commercial about their new candy they are launching called Crisper: “Crispy satisfaction is on the horizon with new SNICKERS® Crisper – a delicious combination of crisped rice and peanuts topped with a layer of caramel … Continue reading

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60 Minutes: Little Jazz Man – Joey Alexander 12 years old

In early January, I caught this 60 Minutes segment titled “Little Jazz Man,” about 12-year-old Indonesian American Joey Alexander: “We’ve never seen anyone like the young boy we’re going to introduce you to tonight. His name is Joey Alexander, he’s … Continue reading

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The Fung Brothers: Americanized Chinese Food with Jeremy Lin

As you may know, Taiwanese American NBA basketball sensation Jeremy Lin joined the Charlotte [North Carolina] Hornets this season. If you’ve ever been to North Carolina, you know there aren’t a lot of Asians there, and even fewer Chinese restaurants. … Continue reading

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Touring Iceland with Photographer Pei Ketron | American Express

https://youtu.be/wD7r9MDFffM I caught this American Express commercial featuring San Francisco-based photographer Pei Ketron: “From epic waterfalls to the local eats of Reykjavik, photographer Pei Ketron (@PKetron) needed the right gear to make sure she could get every shot. See how … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Annabelle & IBM Watson on Life Experience

  https://youtu.be/vqjndtS8jQU When I saw this IBM TV commercial about Watson (“… a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data.”), Annabelle reminded me of my niece – who … Continue reading

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Claremont McKenna College, Asian American Activism, and College Diversity

Claremont McKenna College “My daughter goes to some school called Claremont McKennia…” My parents often chuckle as they reminisce about how embarrassing it was for them to tell people where I went to college, how uncomfortable our Asian family and … Continue reading

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Departing Mayor Lisa Wong – Love, politics, and a tale of two struggling cities

Having been born & raised in a suburb of Springfield, Massachusetts (about 90 miles West of Boston), I’m surprised that I did not come across hearing about Lisa Wong, but I had only started blogging in January 2007 and she … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Experian’s “Furniture Showroom” – Credit Swagger

https://youtu.be/oJmQ2it2TSw While watching The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, I saw this recent Experian commercial (as part of a series of “credit swagger” ad campaign) starring Taiwanese American actress Camille Chen: “A woman stops into Sittingham’s Furniture and thanks to … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Kelly Hu for Viagra

So I should have blogged about this Viagra commercial when it first came out this past April, but there wasn’t a higher quality version or official versions of the commercial on their website. Now I see this ad running more … Continue reading

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Fung Brothers: Things Asian Parents Do

I think a lot of Asian American kids watch this and are like “Yeah, my parents do a lot of those things”, but my mom watched this, cracked up, and said “I really do do that!” I feel like that’s … Continue reading

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