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Asian American Commercial Watch: ‘Office Holiday Party – Discover it Card Rewards’

I caught this commercial Discover credit card commercial recently and found it pretty entertaining, though I’m not surprised the Asian American female office worker had dated a white male co-worker named Gary last year, but admits that he was a mistake … Continue reading

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No Surprise: Asian Americans More Likely to Care For Elders

http://youtu.be/VvnoVq86oqk A new AARP study tells us what all of us Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) already know. AAPIs are more likely than any other racial group to care for their elders. “Caregiving Among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders” … Continue reading

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Asian American Voter Registration Not Matching Population Growth

When I saw the headline, Asian-American Voter Registration Not Matching Population Growth, I wasn’t surprised and of course disappointed. This is one reason why I am motivated to be active in politics – to make-up for my fellow Asian Americans. … Continue reading

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Neel Kashkari Running for Governor of California and Will Lose

Living in California, I almost forgot that there is an Asian American running for governor for the state – Indian American candidate Neel Kashkari. If his name sounds familiar, it’s most likely that you’ve heard of Kashkari due to his … Continue reading

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North Virginia Courts the Asian American Vote

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyupb2zp450 NPR reports yet another state courting the Asian American vote. As the fastest growing minority in the state, Asian Americans are now 5% of the state and make up significant voting blocks in certain communities. The two ads here … Continue reading

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Chinese Railroad Workers Inducted into the U.S. Labor Hall of Honor & Reclaiming Promontory Point

On May 9th, history was made as the Chinese Railroad Workers were inducted into the U.S. Labor Hall of Honor. You can view the entire ceremony on the Department of Labor’s YouTube channel. If you don’t happen to know: “But … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: The Year of the You – TurboTax

http://youtu.be/veBYze8C6VQ I’m a TurboTax user and fan since using the annual service online since 2000. I’ve already finished my taxes (early this year!), but it’s no susprirse that Intuit is advertising TurboTax given we are at the height of the … Continue reading

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NPR: My Big Break – Ken Jeong: Doctor By Day, Comedian By Night

Image courtesy of NPR – Chris Pizzello/AP. Apparently, National Public Radio has started a new series of interviews titled My Big Break, and doctor / comedian Ken Jeong gives his account how he moved from being a doctor to a comedian … Continue reading

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The Self-Segregation Choice

As Asian Americans and Asian Canadians have become more visible on university campuses, they have been accused of self-segregation, occasionally in negative or outrageous ways.   In this video, the Fung brothers talk about self-segregation on American college campuses and pros … Continue reading

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Book Summary: Making Paper Cranes

One of our own has recently published a book. Mihee Kim-Kort published Making Paper Cranes: Toward an Asian American Feminist Theology. Some might call it cliche because it’s a little Joy Luck Club meets Mulan. An Asian mother teaching her Asian daughter to … Continue reading

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Joy Luck Club Ranked Greatest Asian American Film Of All Time

On March 31st after a conference on ranking the top 15 Asian American films, entertainment industry folks have declared that Wayne Wang’s Joy Luck Club, based on Amy Tan’s masterpiece novel, is the greatest Asian American film of all time … Continue reading

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Why George Takei is Simply Awesome

If you’ve been using Facebook for the past year or so, chances are that you may have come across a hilarious meme, quote, or pictures from a certain “George Takei.” You may be asking yourself, “Wait, George Takei as in … Continue reading

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