Joy Luck Club Ranked Greatest Asian American Film Of All Time

On March 31st after a conference on ranking the top 15 Asian American films, entertainment industry folks have declared that Wayne Wang’s Joy Luck Club, based on Amy Tan’s masterpiece novel, is the greatest Asian American film of all time (Breakfast at Tiffany’s came in second place). Surprisingly, most of the positive votes came from Asian American industry folks themselves, unbeknownst to the enraged APA community as a whole.

When asked why this controversial film deserved such high merit, one Asian American executive producer (whose name wish to remain anonymous) remarked:

Joy Luck Club is an extremely accurate portrayal of Asian America. All of Asian America, including the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and maybe the Filipinos. Because after all, we are one homogenous group sharing one homogenous experience and thus it is well portrayed in Joy Luck Club. Plus, we know that all Asian men are terrible to their women and thus it is a God-given truth that white men are just better companions. As an Asian man, I can speak for all Asian men. Finally, most Asian American films are poorly shot, edited, written, and directed so Joy Luck Club automatically gets a bonus point for accomplishing these simple criteria measures.

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