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Tim Lincecum: the Other Filipino Sportsman Making News

As San Francisco becomes overwhelmed with Giants and World Series fever — especially as they are now one game from winning their first World Series since moving from New York — I’ve begun reading news articles about start pitcher Tim … Continue reading

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Ready for an Asian American Sitcom? ‘The Chin Chens’ Coming to CoLours TV

Out of Atlanta comes a story written by Rodney Ho about The Chin Chens, a new Asian American sitcom about a family with a Chinese American father, a Vietnamese American mother, and their three children. According to the article, the … Continue reading

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The Colbert Report: Apolo Ohno

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Apolo Ohno Colbert Report Full Episodes 2010 Election March to Keep Fear Alive All time gold medal winner speed skater winter Olympian Apolo Ohno appeared on The Colbert Report earlier … Continue reading

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How was Jeremy Lin’s Debut as a Golden State Warrior? Let’s Ask Twitter

Jeremy Lin’s debut as a Golden State Warrior was tonight, made all the more convenient for Asian Americans as it was also Asian Heritage Night at Oracle Arena, with a Q&A session with Jeremy Lin. How did it go? Well, … Continue reading

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Two Minutes To Save Lives

By Ken Daniel Dae Kim is me. That’s what I think when I see him on TV. “That’s me up there.” I can relate to him because I know he can relate to me. And when I see him appear … Continue reading

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Steve Yeun on AMC’s The Walking Dead

Video Game – E3 2011 – Movies and TV Over here in nerd world, we can’t stop talking about AMC’s new television show, The Walking Dead, based on the popular comic book series by Robert Kirkman. We also can’t stop … Continue reading

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APA Spotlight: Jennifer Sanderson, Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment

Jennifer Sanderson is the director of The Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE). She has dedicated her time to create opportunities for APIAs in the entertainment industry through networking and education. Continue reading

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Donations Needed for AAWW’s Page Turner AA Literary Festival

NYC-based Asian American Writers Workshop is seeking to raise $5,000 for its literary festival, Page Turner,  via Kickstarter. If you haven’t heard of the site, Kickstarter is “a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors… powered by a … Continue reading

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TheHill’s Piece on Asian American Republicans’s Pundit blog writes a piece on galvanizing the Asian American Republican vote: “… Getting the Asian vote should be a strategic imperative for both [polical] parties. Right now, it seems that the Republicans are winning in that department.”

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8Questions: Dyana Liu of Cartoon Network’s Tower Prep

People complain that there aren’t enough Asian Pacific Islanders on TV. And it’s true. So when someone actually makes it, we should celebrate and recognize them. That’s why I’d like to highlight the über talented and beautiful Dyana Liu. She is the newest star of the Cartoon Network’s second live-action show Tower Prep. Her character, Suki Sato, is NOT the stereotypical dragon lady, geisha, or awkward nerd (although her character is very intelligent). She’s as three dimensional Asian American female as I’ve seen on television for a long time. Continue reading

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Asian American Cage Fights Her Way into True Blood

The craziest, raunchiest, bloodiest, and nakediest show on television has made room for an Asian American character. Yay! The omniscient TV writers, Michael Ausiello and Andy Patrick of Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on some of the new characters on … Continue reading

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All Eyes on K-Town’s Young Lee

K-Town Exclusive: Spotlight on Young (MTVK) Young Starting with my first piece on Scarlet Chan, it is clear that I hold tremendous amount of love for K-Town–so much that Joz and I will be taking turns covering every single of the … Continue reading

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