Asian American Cage Fights Her Way into True Blood

The craziest, raunchiest, bloodiest, and nakediest show on television has made room for an Asian American character.


The omniscient TV writers, Michael Ausiello and Andy Patrick of Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on some of the new characters on the roster for season 4 of True Blood — and one of them is a girl named Naomi! She’s described as “an Asian American cage fighter who, outside of the ring…er, cage…is hot-’n’-heavy with one of her female competitors.”

It appears that the show is adding another lesbian layer to the mix. There’s nothing wrong with that — especially if it involves cage fighting. I am picturing G.L.O.W. with fangs and less clothing.

For those of you who don’t watch the show, this new character should give you enough reason to start watching. I mean, c’mon — it has vampires, nudity, cage fighting and now an Asian American character. What more can you ask for?

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