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How I Rediscovered The Theater Arts By Making A YouTube Video

By Dominic Mah I used to be a theater guy. Up to the early 00’s I ran a Bay Area theater company specializing in original rock musicals. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue films, and lately I’ve been working … Continue reading

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COLORBLIND: Jason Chu’s Poem Response to the La Jolla Playhouse

Check out this amazing spoken word piece by Jason Chu that comments on the La Jolla Playhouse casting controversy, as well as that of the obstacles Asian and Asian American actors when trying to be seen in the Hollywood system. … Continue reading

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What Would You Do? Racism In Your News Feed

The other day I was checking out my Facebook news feed when I noticed something that made me groan. A friend (a person I actually know offline) had posted something that I took as offensive, if not downright racist. I’m … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Competing In The 2012 Olympics

Northwest Asian Weekly has compiled a list of Asian Americans competing in the Olympics. The article shows pictures of eighteen Asian Americans representing the US, some of whom we have talked about before, like Tamari Miyashiro and Ariel Hsing and … Continue reading

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Battle Royale To Be Adapted Into TV Series For The CW?

Remember when The Hunger Games came out and everyone was comparing it to Battle Royale? Well, there’s a chance that today’s youth in America will be able to watch the iconic Japanese film on the small screen. Via LA Times: … Continue reading

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Deranged Film Review & Opens In Theaters On July 27th! Deranged, a new film that has been breaking box offices in Korea and out-ticketing Spider-man and Dark Knight, follows a man desperate to find a cure for a fatal epidemic sweeping the nation. Mummified and skeletal bodies suddenly rise … Continue reading

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North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Is Married!

If you were hoping to rule North Korea next to Kim Jong-Un one day, you’ll have to shelve that plan. Via NY Times: “The North’s Central TV showed Mr. Kim attending a ceremony honoring the completion of an amusement park … Continue reading

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Yes, This Is A Real Pet Shop & Grooming Salon In Manila

Take a walk behind the building of Metrowalk, located in Manila’s Pasig area, and you’ll see this sign, which, at a distance, might give you the wrong idea of what they’re all about. Unless of course, you really are into … Continue reading

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First Trial For Soldiers Charged In Private Danny Chen Case To Start This Week

One of the soldiers charged in the death of Private Danny Chen last October will begin his military trial this week. Via Reuters: “The first soldier to stand trial in Chen’s death will be Sergeant Adam Michael Holcomb, a 30-year-old … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Take a Hike — Up Mission Peak

I started noticing pictures of people on Mission Peak (located in Fremont, California) on Facebook a while ago. Asians ranging from The Daughter and her friends to retired friends of ours were posting pictures of themselves hanging off the pole … Continue reading

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National Archives Reveals Story Of Immigration From 1880-1945

From NPR: “Deep inside the National Archives in Washington, D.C., old case files tell the stories of hundreds of thousands of hopeful immigrants to the U.S. between 1880 and the end of World War II. These stories are in the form … Continue reading

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The Red Chamber Book Review

Written by Pauline Chen — a resident of Oberlin, Ohio, with a doctorate in Chinese literature from Princeton (N.J.) University — The Red Chamber is a hefty 400 pages of an intriguing love story somewhere along the lines of Romeo and … Continue reading

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