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Cruise Operators Target Asian Travelers, Pitching Short Trips From Local Ports

I’ve never been on a cruise before (unless you count “The Love Boat” 🙂 ), nor has my mother (she’s been wanting to go on one for a while.) Well, it looks like a lot of Asians haven’t gone either. … Continue reading

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SF: Thursday, May 1st: 11th Annual United States of Asian America Festival Kickoff

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. The White House said it, so it must be true, right? Please join the artists, cast and crew of the United States of Asian America Festival 2008 for the 11th Annual Gala Opening event. … Continue reading

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Guo-Qiang and Murakami in New York

If you are in the New York area, there are two modern art shows not to be missed. Cai Guo-Qiang’s retrospective I Want to Believe is at the Guggenheim through May 28, and Takashi Murakami’s © Murakami is at the … Continue reading

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Korean Air targets you by your surname

I thought it was a one time deal. Seriously. The first time I totally overlooked it. But two barrages of snail mail junk is absolutely annoying. Korean Air has been pumping their US marketing up in the six months. Just … Continue reading

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The Tonight Show: Governor ‘Bobby’ Jindal of Louisiana

I most recently wrote about about Governor ‘Bobby’ Jindal of Louisiana in March in, “McCain’s Surprise: VP ‘Bobby’ Jindal ?” Well, Jindal was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this past Monday night, no doubt to answer the speculations … Continue reading

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San Francisco: Wed, April 30th – Margaret Cho Day!

Wow, I beat out angry asian man out for news on Asian American entertainment… no doubt he will have this info posted soon…So I just found out from my friend who is usually in the know for concerts, etc. in … Continue reading

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Thank Allah It’s Jumma

One of the nice things about starting a new job is that you actually meet new people, and one of my co-workers, Hasan Minhaj, just happens to be an actor and stand-up comedian in his spare time. His site includes … Continue reading

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ABCD’s: American-Born Confused Desis

I am an avid fan of National Public Radio (NPR) – and this morning, I heard the story of “Young Indians Abroad Return to Help Better Country” as part of the series on “Climate Connections: Profiles.” The story discusses the … Continue reading

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Racist Propoganda Cartoons: What to do with our racist past?

Eleven Warner Bros. cartoons that have been under lock and key for the past four decades due to their highly racist and stereotypical content recently surfaced on YouTube and now everyone is in a tizzy over what to do with … Continue reading

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Letters from China: Crazy English – The national scramble to learn a new language before the Olympics.

The other night, as I was waiting to meet up with a friend of mine for a drink at the Tied House in downtown Mountain View, I dropped by Books, Inc. and was browsing the magazine section when I came … Continue reading

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Elite Korean Schools, Forging Ivy League Skills

While catching up on the ABC series “Lost,” earlier this year, I remember an episode where Yunjin Kim‘s character, Sun, is being introduced to a prospective “boyfriend/husband” , Jae Lee, and her mother is being defferential that Sun only went … Continue reading

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Compensation for Filipino Veterans

Filipino Veterans have been neglected for nearly 60 years since World War II. And the US Senate finally passes a bill boosting veteran benefits, including those for Filipino Veterans. Supporters of the controversial provision said it would overturn a 60-year-old … Continue reading

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