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My name is Genghis Mendoza, named after a mongolian barbarian, but 100 percent Filipino. Also the darkest one in this here bunch. But don't let the black and white photo fool you.

Compensation for Filipino Veterans

Filipino Veterans have been neglected for nearly 60 years since World War II. And the US Senate finally passes a bill boosting veteran benefits, including those for Filipino Veterans. Supporters of the controversial provision said it would overturn a 60-year-old … Continue reading

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VIRAL LIKE SARS: White Guy Explains How to Make Chicken Adobo in Tagalog

It’s been some time since I’ve found time to write a post worthy of your time. A friend of mine sent this to me today, and I was rolling on the floor laughing. This video shows a caucasian male teaching … Continue reading

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Nurses from the Philippines face charges after quitting jobs

Ten Filipino nurses face criminal charges for quitting their jobs on grounds of conspiracy and child endangerment. Prosecutors allegedly claim the nurses jeopardized the lives of several terminally ill children they were in charge of watching. For months the nurses … Continue reading

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The Parol, Our symbol for Christmas

If you drive through a neighborhood at Christmas time and see a vibrant blinking star with many different colors; it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve just passed a Filipino home. Christmas in the Philippines and practically everywhere else in … Continue reading

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The Sevrano’s: Once living the American Dream

This isn’t any new news: Homeland Security has been attempting deport many illegals back to their homelands. And quite frankly they are deporting many who may have fallen through technicalities in the system. Dr. Pedro Servano and his wife received … Continue reading

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Singapore Airlines: No Mile-high club please

Singapore Airlines recently started using the Airbus A380 for their commercial flights. One of the luxuries the huge airplane boasts are first-class double beds, complete with rose petals and champagne. Now if this doesn’t invite people to fulfill their most … Continue reading

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John Yoo: An influential Asian American

Last week I watched Frontline’s episode on Cheney’s Law. It was an investigative report about how Vice President Cheney and his minions sought to change the Executive powers of the President. You can watch the full episode on Frontline’s website … Continue reading

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She extracts vanilla from cow dung

In one of the oddest stories I’ve heard all week (and it’s still Tuesday) a Japanese researcher named Mayu Yamamoto was recently awarded the 2007 IG Nobel Prize for her unique find. She is a Japanese researcher who found a … Continue reading

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“Desperate Housewives” clip infuriates Filipino Americans

Filipinos are up in arms because of the last Sunday’s episode of “Desperate Housewives”. An email has been forwarded throughout the Filipino community written by Kevin Nadal, calling out the writers responsible for the disparaging remarks. Teri Hatcher’s character, Susan, … Continue reading

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Christine Gambito of

It seems everyone is getting found on YouTube these days. Years ago it used to be email fwds and chain letters, but with the advent of Web 2.0 almost anyone can be a star. Although I’d have to say that … Continue reading

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QBert teaches telemarketers new tricks.

Qbert is not only a turntablist phenomenon, he’s also best known as a prankster. This video clip turns the tables on a telemarketer calling him to refinance his home. A little long but well worth the time to see a … Continue reading

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The Raiders in Tagalog

We’re in week 2 of the NFL football season and I’ve discovered the cultural sensitivity of one particular NFL team. I’m a Niner fan since birth, but I’ll have to give props to the Oakland Raiders for this one. I … Continue reading

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